Top Cities in Mexico

Pocket Guide: Mexico

From glorious beaches to ancient civilisations, book a hotel in Mexico: one of the most diverse and interesting destinations you could hope to visit. With 10,000 miles of coastline, massive jungles and snowy mountains, you can trek, swim and climb to your heart’s content. History and culture abound, with the temples of Chichen Itza and the pyramids of Teotihuacán offering the chance to explore the glories of Aztec and Mayan civilisation. There’s postcolonial history too, with fabulous haciendas, shady plazas and old Spanish churches. And all of this can be enjoyed in an atmosphere as spicy as its food: the tacos, burritos and chilis easily washed down with a glass of Mexican cerveza and, perhaps, a shot of Mexico’s national drink, tequila.

Where to Stay in Mexico

Mexico City — Book a hotel in the capital city of Mexico, a sprawling megatropolis of sensation. The largest city in the whole of North America was once Tenochtitlan, the centre of the Aztec civilisation until the conquistadors arrived in the 16th century. Explore the origins of Spanish colonialism in the centro historico, then head out into the nightlife whirlwind that Mexicanos love to enjoy. For relaxation, try the enormous Chapultepec park, or the museums of Coyoacán.

Acapulco — The gorgeous bay of Acapulco has been immortalised in song for a reason – it’s quite simply stunning, a semi-circular Pacific ocean coastline with great beaches and great cliff views. With a Acapulco hotel the cliff divers of La Quebrada, eat at one of the superb restaurants or just laze on one of the many beaches and watch Acapulcans at play.

Guadalajara — Mexico’s second largest city is considered to be its colonial heart, with marvellous examples of Spanish and post-independence architecture to explore and admire. There’s much more here than sights for anyone that books a Guadalajara hotel – check out the vibrant cultural scene with hipsters, fusion food and some superb margaritas.

Oaxaca — The city of Oaxaca is famous for its artists but visitors have plenty to do in this southern state that is best known for its indigenous population. There are treks and exploration to be done here, along the banks of the Atoyac River and the mountains of the Sierra Madre – perfect for discovering Mexican nature.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Mexico

Mexico City has some wonderful sights, including the Palacio Nacional, a colonial-era palace, the Templo Mayor, the archaeological ruins of an Aztec temple, and the Monumento a la Revolucion, a relic of the Mexico’s struggle against the dictator Porfirio Diaz. But there’s so much more to see – see the jungle ruins of Palenque, where Mayan temples nestle in the jungle, the Pyramids of Teotihuacán, the extravagant size of Chichen Itza and the amazing volcanoes at Paricutin.

If you fancy an active holiday, Mexico has plenty to offer. With so much coastline, it’s no surprise that water activities are popular. You can laze on the beach and sip margaritas in Cancun or Acapulco, or try kayaking and canoeing around the inlets and bays – Baja California has some stunning vistas. There are plenty of diving and snorkelling zones too. And of course you’ll want to sample Mexico’s vibrant culinary scene – ranch food, barbeques, fresh fish from the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico, and of course all the famous Mexican dishes that have travelled round the world.