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What day are flights the cheapest?

The cheapest day to book flights is Sunday, with savings of up to 15% available on average compared with flight booking on Friday, the most expensive day, according to historical data*.

When is the best time to buy flight tickets?

Buying flight tickets is typically best well in advance of departure. For economy class, domestic flights start to get more expensive 35 days before departure, while international flights increase about 21 days before departure*. It works a bit differently for premium plane tickets, with prices generally increasing about 42 days before departure for domestic flights. For premium international flights, it's generally best to book no less than 63 days in advance for the best deals.*

Which are the cheapest days to fly?

Friday tends to be the cheapest day to fly, while the most expensive day is Tuesday. Flying on a Friday instead of a Tuesday can potentially lead to savings of up to 15% on average according to historical data.*

Which is the cheapest month to fly?

According to historical data, September is the cheapest month to fly internationally, and October is the cheapest month to fly domestically. Booking international September flights rather than in December can offer savings of up to 41.5%, while booking domestic October flights rather than in March can offer savings of up to 35.8%*.

How far in advance should I book a flight for the best price?

You should book a flight 42 days in advance if you're flying domestically and opting for premium tickets, because prices tend to increase less than 42 days prior to departure, according to historical data*. For domestic economy tickets, prices start to increase about 35 days before departure. International flights should be booked 63 days ahead for premium tickets and 21 days ahead for economy tickets*.

How can I find the cheapest flights on Expedia?

You can browse a variety of cheap flights available on Expedia, which lists all prices and fare types right on the search results page. All you have to do is input your travel dates as well as any other factors like cabin class, and the flight search makes flight comparisons easy. Becoming a member (it's free) also allows you to earn rewards on eligible bookings that can be put towards other flights alongside hotel bookings, car hires and some activities.

How do I get the lowest airfare?

Comparing prices is the best way to find the lowest airfare, and Expedia allows you to do it at a glance with various fare types displayed on your search results page. According to trends, you may also be able to save by booking your flight on a Sunday*. Additionally, you may want to search for flights within a certain budget, such as cheap flights under £300.

Is it cheaper to buy a plane ticket at the last minute?

It's generally not a good idea to buy a plane ticket at the last minute because there may not be a ticket available when booking so close to departure. Also, prices tend to increase the closer you get to your departure date as availability decreases. Travelling with flexible dates will increase your chances of finding good deals on last-minute flights. You can also always go straight to Expedia's cheap fligh