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Where can I fly with Vueling Airlines?

Vueling Airlines offers low-cost, quality flights where you can find even more deals when you book through Expedia. Vueling Airlines will take you to some of the top cities in Europe at a fraction of the price of many other carriers. Whether you need to book a round-trip for holiday or get home on a one-way fare, Vueling Airlines will take you to some of Europe’s most happening destinations:

  • London to Ibiza
  • London to Barcelona
  • Manchester to Barcelona
  • London to Alicante
  • London to Madrid
  • Manchester to Nalaga
  • Manchester to Nice
  • Manchester to Rome
  • London to Bangkok
  • London to Paris
  • London to Athens

How to find the best deals with Vueling Airlines on Expedia?

Expedia can help you find the best deals for your Vueling Airlines flight. You no longer need to check for prices across multiple sites, because Expedia is your one-stop solution for all your rental needs, holiday packages and Vueling Airlines flights. If your travels dates are flexible, one of the best ways to grab a cheap Vueling Airlines flights is to look at your travel dates on our interactive calendar and adjust dates to pinpoint the right booking at the right price. The earlier you book, the better chance of finding a cheaper flight. You can also save money by bundling your car, hotel and other rentals through Expedia.

What is it like to fly with Vueling Airlines?

Vueling Airlines' prices allow you to put more money towards your holiday fun instead of towards your flight cost. They believe in friendliness and efficiency so that flying is a true pleasure. The whole cabin is economy class, but if you book early, you might be able to choose a premium seat towards the front of the cabin that allows for greater legroom. With Vueling Airlines, you don't have to worry about unnecessary frills that drive up costs, but you can expect to find extras like onboard WiFi.

What is Vueling Airlines's baggage allowance?

In most cases, you can bring 2 pieces of hand luggage that includes 1 cabin bag and 1 under-seat bag. The number of checked bags you're allowed may depend on the flight, so you should check with Vueling Airlines ahead of time. If you want to add an additional bag, you can save money by doing so when you check in online.

How can I check in and access information about my flight with Vueling Airlines?

You can check in online through Vueling or Expedia. Vueling allows you to check in up to 4 hours before the flight, at which time you can also select your seat. Checking in online is convenient, and you can carry your boarding pass on your phone or print a copy to take with you. Some airports have Vueling Airlines self-service check-in kiosks if that is your preference. Keep your itinerary handy through Expedia’s app or by logging into your Expedia online account.

Can I earn miles / points with my Vueling Airlines flight when booking on Expedia?

Booking with Vueling Airlines through Expedia can earn you Avios points when you're a Vueling Club member. You want to make sure to enter in your member info when booking through Expedia, and you may need to contact Vueling Airlines directly to ensure that your points are counted.

Can I cancel my flight with Vueling Airlines on Expedia?

If you need to cancel your flight, all Vueling Airlines bookings can be cancelled at no charge up to 48 hours before departure, and you'll receive a refund in the form of flight credits. Flight credits can be used towards future flights with Vueling Airlines. If you cancel your flight or want to change it within 48 hours of takeoff, there is typically a fee. Expedia also offers flight protection to cover unforeseen circumstances, wherein you would receive a refund. Conveniently, most flights can be cancelled online through Expedia on the My Trips page. You can find more information about cancellations on our customer service page.