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Top Cities to Visit in Russia

Why You Should Take a Flight to Russia

Covering an area of approximately 6.6 million square miles, Russia is the largest country on Earth. Incredibly varied, it takes in cosmopolitan cities, rugged mountains, arid deserts and vast forests. With so much on offer, this expansive country really does have something for everyone.


When to Book Flights to Russia

The best time to book flights to Russia depends on what you want to get out of your trip. Winters in the country are famously brutal, with average daily highs of -10˚C common in Moscow from December to February. Although you’ll need to warp up warm, cheap flights to Russia should be relatively easy to find during this chilly season.

The most popular time to visit Russia is between June and September. During the summer months, temperatures are generally warm and skies clear. Book flights at this time of year and you’ll be able to get out and explore Russia’s countryside and cities in comfort.


How to Find the Best Flight Deals to Russia

The more flexible you are when booking flights to Russia, the easier it will be to find a great deal.

Click the ‘Show flexible dates’ link on the Expedia results page to see if you could save money by flying on a different day.

Airfares can also vary fairy dramatically between airports. As a result, you may find you can save money by flying from a different terminal. Click the ‘Nearby airports’ link on the results page to see if there are any alternative departure or arrival points within easy reach.


UK Departures to Russia


Main Airports in Russia

The three busiest airports in Russia all serve the country’s capital. SheremetyevoInternational, DomodedovoInternational and VnukovoInternational are located close to Moscow and see millions of passengers pass through their terminals every year.

St Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Russia and serves more than 16 million passengers a year.


Which Airlines Fly to Russia?

A number of airlines offer cheap flights to Russia from UK airports.

These include:


How to Get to and Around Russia

The easiest way to travel long distance within Russia is by plane. Most cities have their own airports and internal flights are generally cheap and regular.

If you have more time on your hands, you can explore the country by train. Long distance trains crisscross Russia, making this a great way to see a little more of the country.


What Are the Must-sees in Russia?

The most famous sight in Russia is the Red Square. Located in the heart of Moscow, it’s home to St Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s mausoleum.

There are also a number of must-sees outside of the capital. Lake Baikal, located in southern Siberia, is the deepest lake in the world and a fantastic place to get close to nature and see a different side of the country.


Tips and Tricks for Traveling in Russia

British passport holders will need to apply for a visa before travelling to Russia. It’s best to apply for your visa at least four weeks before you fly.

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