Top Cities in Japan

Pocket Guide: Japan

There is quite simply no place like Japan - almost like an entire world in microcosm, it has an utterly unique blend of tradition and cutting-edge modernism. Book a hotel in one of Japan’s futuristic cities nestled between mountain forests and connected to each other by bullet trains; there’s nothing stopping you from sampling all the diverse and rich delights this fascinating country has to offer. Explore its world-renowned cuisine, discover its breathtaking landscapes and architecture, experience its rich creative arts scene culture and be dazzled by its technological wizardry.

Where to Stay in Japan

Tokyo — With over 13 million people in central Tokyo, and 37 million people across the whole metropolitan area, Japan’s capital is one of the most populated places on earth, and a fantastical blend of the traditional and the ultra-high-tech. And with subtropical islands to the south, and epic mountainscapes to the west, it’s only a short jump into the heart of Japan’s wondrous natural heritage. So whether you’re looking for the thrill of the city, or the call of the wild, Tokyo has it all. You’ll also find hotels to fit all budgets in Tokyo, from the grand to the compact and ultra-chic micro-hotels.

Kyoto — Famed as its most beautiful city, book a hotel in Kyoto, Japan’s former capital. Kyoto offers a wealth of parks, temples and traditional Japanese heritage - ideal for those of you looking to experience a real sense of old Japan.

Sapporo — As one of Japan’s youngest cities, you won’t find much of old Japan in Sapporo, but you will find ultra-chic and futuristic hotels. What you will discover though are wide, tree-lined boulevards to wander lazily in the summer. For those of you looking to hit the slopes in winter you’ll find an excellent range of ski facilities.

Hokkaido — Japan’s northernmost main island, Hokkaido is the true home of wild Japan, with a number of great national parks, hot springs, and rolling green landscapes. And, only relatively recently inhabited, the towns and cities on this island give it a much more European feel than the rest of Japan. Hokkaido is the ideal place for you to get away from it all, breath in the cooler air, kick back, and relax with a comfy hotel away from the crowds.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Japan

With a culture dating back thousands of years Japan obviously has a rich heritage for you to discover. As well as a number of castles of antiquity, Japan is also dotted with temples of many different faiths - Buddhist, Shinto, Christian, Confucian and more. For those of you with a passion for the great outdoors, Japan offers an equally varied menu for exploration - rugged shorelines, sweeping forests, epic mountain ranges - it’s all here. And all that before you even consider the neon dazzle of some of the world’s busiest, most futuristic cities.

The only limit to what you can do in Japan is your imagination. Perhaps you’re keen to hit the karaoke bars and sing your heart out with friends, or sample the incredible local delicacies served in the many restaurants and sushi bars of the cities. Further afield there’s plenty to get the blood pumping - why not see if you can scale Mount Fuji, Japan’s most iconic mountain, go rafting in Iya Valley’s wild rivers, or hit the ski slopes of Hokkaido. Alternatively, perhaps you need to unwind in one of Beppu’s hot springs, or spend a contemplative night away from it all in one of Mount Koya’s holy temples. Whatever you need, Japan has it all.