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Why Take a Flight to Australia?

Home to vast landscapes, golden beaches, vibrant cities and year-round sunshine, Australia is one of the world’s most loved long haul destinations. Find cheap flights to Oz and you could be sunning yourself on the other side of the world before you know it.


When to Book Flights to Australia?

As Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, it enjoys its summer during the European winter. As a result, visitors from the UK flock to this far flung destination in November, December, January and February to enjoy a bit of summer sun.

In northern states like Queensland the warm weather continues throughout the year with temperatures in many areas barely dipping below 20˚C during the day.

In southern parts of the country June, July and August can be a little cooler. This can be a good time to find cheap flights to Australia, as many people prefer the guaranteed sun of the winter months.

For moderate temperatures, quiet beaches and a good choice of flights to Australia from UK airports, consider planning your trip in the European spring or autumn when conditions are often at their most pleasant.


How to Find Cheap Flights to Australia?

If you’re currently hunting for great value tickets to Australia, an Expedia search offers the perfect place to find them.

Type in your departure point and destination and we’ll look through a huge choice of available services to find the best deals available.

Our handy search tools make it even easier to locate those cheap flights to Australia.

Select the ‘Nearby Airports’ option when looking for deals and you’ll be shown flights to and from other destinations close to your departure and arrival points.

You can also use the advanced options to search for refundable flights, something that’s ideal if your travel plans aren’t finalised.

If your dates – and your destination – are flexible, finding a great deal should be even easier. Check the boxes at the top of your results page to see if you can save money by changing the dates of your trip and use the filters on the left hand side to hone your flight options to perfection.

If you’re planning on flying in and out of different destinations, look for multi-city options instead of standard return flights to Australia.


Flights of UK Departures to Australia

If you’re based in other parts of the UK, you can use Expedia to find connecting flights to Australia from Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Main Airports in Australia

Most major cities in Australia have an international airport so finding flights to your chosen destination should be pretty easy.

The busiest airports in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, however many smaller cities also have domestic air terminals.


Which Airlines Fly to Australia

A wide choice of airlines connect the UK with Australia.

These include:


How to Get Around in Australia?

One of the biggest countries on earth, the easiest way to travel between destinations in Australia is by air. If you’re looking for cheap flights within Australia there are a number of low cost carriers to oblige.

Alternatively, buses regularly run between the cities and there are even a few long distance trains available.

When you touch down in the country’s famous cities you’ll find getting around is easy thanks to extensive local bus networks, taxis and, in the case of Melbourne, trams. Many of the country’s cities are also easy to navigate on foot, although you’ll need to be aware of the sun if visiting in the summer months.

Hire a car to get around in Australia is also a good alternative option if you enjoy the freedom to explore Australia from cities to cities without limit your travel to a set-time schedule.


Must-see Attractions in Australia

If you’re flying from London to Australia, the top sightseeing spot on your itinerary has to be the Sydney Opera House. Take a ferry across Sydney Harbour for fantastic views of the iconic building or kill two birds with one stone and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for panoramic vistas of the entire city.

The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, is another must see attraction. Combine a visit to the natural wonder with a trip to the spectacular Whitsunday Islands and experience the Australian landscape at its best.


Tips for Travelling in Australia

UK passport holders need a visa to enter Australia. Apply for your visa online before leaving home and leave plenty of time for your application to be processed. If you’re planning to stay in Australia, you may need to obtain a working holiday visa or another type of long term permit.

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