Top Cities in North America

Pocket Guide: North America

North America is the third largest continent in the world, and one of the most visited places on Earth. Home to the United States, Canada and Mexico, you’ll soon find that it is as culturally and geographically diverse as it is extensive. Whether you want to enjoy the bustling cities of New York City, Mexico City or Toronto, or want to get lost in the famous Rocky Mountains and National Parks that make this region of the world so worth visiting, a hotel in North America is guaranteed to be the highlight of any traveller’s itinerary.

Top North America Hotel Locations

New York City — Situated on Manhattan Island, this vibrant metropolis is packed with world-class culture and landmarks on every corner. Overlooked by one of the world’s most iconic skylines, including the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, New York has to be seen to be believed – so book a New York hotel and see it for yourself.

Las Vegas — Known for its abundance of casinos, larger than life stage shows and – of course – the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is one of a kind. Take a trip to the strip or book a helicopter flight and see this tremendous, sparkling city at its best – from above. Book a casino hotel in Las Vegas today.

Orlando — Love theme parks? Then an Orlando hotel, in the Sunshine State of Florida, is for you. Perhaps most notable as home to Walt Disney World, it has a dozen other theme parks as well. Take in all that is on offer from the Orlando Eye for aerial views of this impressive location.

Mexico City — The largest Spanish-speaking city on Earth, Mexico City’s extensive history is apparent from its extraordinary architecture, which ranges from Aztec temples to modern marvels. While sprawling, the historic centre provides a dense offering of museums, churches and historic monuments that will keep visitors busy for days.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in North America

Bustling cities, ice-capped mountains, desert expanses, lush National Parks, ancient temples and modern architectural feats. Whew! The list of things to see in North America is almost limitless. Admire iconic monuments such as the Statue of Liberty or hit the wilderness with an unmissable trek through the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy beach views over the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula or head to the forests, canyons and geysers of Yellowstone National Park. The list goes on, but rest assured – whatever you’re hoping to see in North America, you’ll be able to book your experience with Expedia.

Discover classy skiing resorts in Canada, immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of San Francisco or Los Angeles, or just hit the road and tick off as many spots and activities as you can. Driving from the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast, to the Pacific on the west is a popular past time with summer visitors to North America. Expedia can offer access to stunning dive sites, horse rides on the prairie, theme park excitement, wilderness treks, city tours and enough North American experiences and memories to last a lifetime.