Top Cities in Poland

Pocket Guide: Poland

With a hotel in Poland you can fill up on your urban excitement in the chic medieval streets of Kraków and Gdańsk, but if it is sheer energy, verve and nightlife that you seek you are best to head for Warsaw. Outside these thrilling cities outdoor activities can be had in the woods, rivers and lakes of the Polish countryside. In the background there will be brooding medieval castles, atmospheric ruins and the red-brick fortresses of Teutonic Knights. Whether you are here to explore the history, hike, kayak, canoe or party, say ‘dzień dobry!’ (good day) to Poland.

Where to Stay in Poland

Kraków - It is said that the slaying of a dragon gave rise to the birth of the former royal capital of Krakow. The town has reinvented itself several times since then and today is a layered architectural delight radiating out from its Gothic core into areas characterised by Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture. In these streets you will find Europe’s largest market square, the poignant former Jewish quarter (now enlivened by an exuberant nightlife) and many backstreets that buzz with energy, lively pubs and hotels.

Warsaw - Book a hotel in Poland’s capital, Warsaw. The lack of a historic market square is itself a testament to Warsaw’s destruction during the Second World War. And the vibrant city of today is a testament to its resilience and lust for life. Many museums allow you to explore its history and many nightclubs and bars allow you to join in its vibrant sense of fun.

Auschwitz-Birkenau - The tragic recent history of Poland can be witnessed at the genocidal Nazi camps that are memorialised at the chilling museum, in the town of Oświęcim.

Greater and Lesser Poland - This varied landscape offers a profusion of wildlife and birds, spectacular mountain ranges, ancient salt mines and caves.

Pomerania - Chill out in the coastal area of Poland whose sandy beaches shaded by cliffs are in striking distance of the lakes, rivers and forests that lie inland. Book a hotel here for a relaxing break.

Warmia-Masuria - Stunning scenery here combines attractive lakes and verdant green countryside.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Poland

Historic sights of Poland range from the charming to the chilling, with concentration camps, castles and civic architecture all vying for your attention. In the Białowieża National Park you can see the rare European bison, which is one of Poland's national animals. Over in Gdańsk you can admire the handsome seaport which formed the centrepiece of many of Lech Walesa’s demonstrations against communist rule. To brush up on some more historic sights visit Warsaw’s high-tech Warsaw Rising Museum which combines the spectacle of sound, light and video to portray the city’s struggle with German occupation.

Skiing, hiking, kayaking, bird watching - there is just so much to do in Poland’s mountains, lakes and countryside. If you prefer the urban jungle to the rural forests then its cities are crammed with pleasures. The best nightlife is to be found in Kraków's Kazimierz district and in areas of Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. Sip the flavoured vodka and dance the night away.