Top Cities in Thailand

Pocket Guide: Thailand

Thailand’s hotels are a magnet for fun loving travellers from around the world; it’s a country that has a reputation as one of the ultimate good time destinations. A tropical climate keeps things warm throughout the year, incredible culture delights and fascinates in equal measure, and some of the world’s best beaches line the coastline. Add to that bustling cities like Bangkok, superb cuisine, stunning mountains and an established tourist trail and you start to see why it’s the destination of choice for backpackers and gap year students. But it’s not all cheap thrills and full moon parties, there’s a more sophisticated and culturally enlightening side to Thailand that appeals to a wide range of travellers.

Where to Stay in Thailand

Northern Thailand - This is where you’ll find Chiang Mai and the hill tribes of the Golden Triangle. Less travelled but no less exciting.

Isaan - This vast northeastern region is perhaps the great undiscovered part of Thailand, complete with delicious food, incredible ruins and some real back country to explore.

Bangkok - Lying in the central lowlands, the historic and slightly chaotic city of Bangkok is a must visit destination on any trip to Thailand. Book a hotel in Bangkok for an experience like no other.

Southern Thailand - Explore thousands of square kilometres of lush rainforest and islands that have come straight from a dream. This is where you’ll find the party capital of Phuket.

Eastern Thailand - If you’re looking for some of the world’s most magical beaches, then a hotel in Eastern Thailand is the way to go. Kick back and relax on Pattaya, Ko Samet and Ko Chang.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Thailand

The tropical climate in Thailand means that it’s almost always warm - which means it’s a great idea to hit the beach to cool off. Beaches like Ko Tao look like they’ve come straight from the set of a movie. In the summer, the temperatures can hit 40˚C, which means getting around in bustling Thailand or walking the jungle trails can be hard. Visit Thailand’s many bustling temples, known as wats, populated by orange-robed monks. Watch a Thai boxing fight - one of the country’s national sports - or visit the hill tribes of the north to see how the majority of Thai people used to live.

Explore the bright lights and infinite possibilities of Bangkok - a city where anything goes. Or get away from the crowds to some of the quieter beaches where you can learn to dive in the clear blue waters. Go jungle trekking or explore on two wheels cycling or on a motorbike adventure. Thailand’s food is an attraction in itself, so go on a culinary tour or take a spiritual journey to some of the many Buddhist temples you’ll find around the country. Younger crowds and backpackers will love following the travelling route around the lush south, along the Andaman coast, dancing the night away at the famous full moon parties here.