Top Cities in Morocco

Pocket Guide: Morocco

Morocco is one of the most diverse destinations in the world. It is endlessly appealing in the varied landscapes and experiences it offers visitors. Here you can trek in high mountains, take a camel safari in the sweeping sands of the desert, enjoy romantic views of the rugged coastline, party hard in Casablanca or get lost in the winding alleys of the ancient souqs. From vibrant artistic communities in Essaouira to historic sites in Marrakech, a hotel in Morocco never fails to inspire.

The Best Morocco Hotel Locations

Casablanca – Cosmopolitan Casablanca likes to party and this busy city is where modern Moroccan pleasures can best be enjoyed. Book yourself a modern Morocco hotel in Casablanca and see this for yourself.

Marrakech – It is the historic souqs, where Berbers have traded since time immemorial, that captures most people’s imagination in Marrakech. In the medina’s central square, the action-packed Djemaa el-Fna, night food stalls, storytellers, magicians, dancers and all manner of sights, smells and sounds will assault your senses. You’ll also find some of the city’s best hotels round here too.

Agadir – The beautiful, sheltered crescent that forms the coast at Agadir ensures that life really is a beach here. It may not feel much like Morocco but it sure is a fun place to enjoy the sun, sea, surf and sand. A beachside Agadir hotel is perfect for families and anyone looking to just lay back and take it easy.

Essaouira – It is hard to beat the romantic views from the ramparts of Essaouira. Gaze out at the Atlantic from ancient, crumbling fortifications, listen to the distant drums of Gnawa musicians and admire some of the best Moroccan arts and crafts available. The historic hotels of Essaouira are some of the best.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Morocco

Casablanca boasts some truly impressive architecture that ranges from Art Deco masterpieces to the epic grandeur of the Hassan II Mosque. Elsewhere in Morocco there are rare falcons to watch swooping over the sea in Essaouira, the desolate beauty of the Sahara to appreciate and ancient medinas or imperial grandeur to lose yourself in. If you are feeling energetic the views from the Atlas mountain are staggering but, closer to sea level, the sight of the turquoise streams and limestone gorges in Paradise Valley will also take your breath away.

Some of the best windsurfing in the world can be enjoyed at Essaouira, thanks to its expansive coastline and the Atlantic winds that cross it. Further watersports of all descriptions can be enjoyed at Agadir, including jet skis, surfboards, parasailing and many more. Take a cookery course to learn how to recreate those tagines when you head back home, or strap yourself onto a camel to travel like the Bedouin do. Tours of the Marrakech souq will reveal its hidden structures and organisation to you and also show you the colourful tanneries at its heart. With Gnawa music to listen to, treks to the foothills to enjoy and tours of ancient cities brimming with history to experience, Morocco is never short of things to do!