Cheap flights to Nigeria

Top Cities to Visit in Nigeria

Why You Should Take a Flight to Nigeria

As the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria dominates the region and has a huge cultural and economic impact. Its biggest city, Lagos, is booming, and a modern art and restaurant scene hint at the potential of this growing nation.

When to Book Flights to Nigeria

The peak season in Nigeria is between October to January, with Ramadan and Easter also being busy times of year. If you want to visit at these times, then be advised to book early as there is only a limited number of flights.

You can find Cheap Flights to Nigeria during the wet season, which runs from April through until about October. Hotel rates will also be low at this time as the smaller number of tourists reduces demand.

In recent years, the numbers of tourists visiting the country have dropped off, so the difference between peak and off season is less noticeable.

How to Find the Best Flight Deals to Nigeria

To find Cheap Flights to Nigeria from the UK, you should try and be flexible about when you travel.

Although there are only limited services between the UK and Nigeria, if you can choose from a selection of departure points you stand a better chance of getting a good deal. Click the ‘Nearby Airports’ button just below where you enter your flight information to expand your flight horizons.

If you can also fly on different days you can save money. Use ‘Show Flexible Dates’ to see the best value flights from a choice of several days.

UK Departures to Nigeria

There are numerous London Nigeria departures from several UK airports.

These include:

Main Airports in Nigeria

There are five major international airports in Nigeria. These are located in the major cities including Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Arriving in Lagos, you can arrange a shuttle transfer to your accommodation or take a licensed yellow taxi from just outside. If arriving at night, it might be better to avoid taking a cab.

The main airport serving the capital Abuja is the Nnamdi Azikwe International, the second busiest in the country. Built from scratch in 2002, it is the most modern of all Nigeria’s airports.

Which Airlines Fly to Nigeria?

Direct and indirect flights to Nigeria are available from a number of different carriers.

These include:

How to Get to and Around Nigeria

It is possible to rent cars and drive yourself in Nigeria, but roads can be very chaotic and busy. They are seldom in good condition and traffic can be very bad. Be careful, drive defensively and watch out for potholes.

Taking flights between the major cities is the best way of getting around, with good connections, modern aircraft and reasonable rates.

If you are in the bigger cities, it is possible to get taxis but ask your hotel to book them for you and try and establish a price before you set off.

What Are the Must-Sees in Nigeria?

The beaches in Lagos are some of the most popular in the country, particularly Bar Beach, Badagary Beach and Tarkwa Bay Beach. Just outside of the city you can visit the Lekki Forest Reserve where wooden walkways lead you through rich tropical rainforest.

Elsewhere in the country, you can go hiking in Jos on the plateau, trekking in Enugu, as well as watching traditional cultural events. For something a little more relaxing, head up to Obudu, a small town to the north of Calabar where there are cool mountain retreats, cable cars and forest walks to enjoy.

Tips for Travelling in Nigeria

Although some business travellers might be able to apply for a visa on arrival, you are advised to apply for entry permission before you travel. You should also check whether you need a yellow fever certificate before you embark.

Nigeria can be a dangerous country and violent crime is not uncommon. Seek advice if visiting areas where there have been violent incidents recently and avoid some parts of the country entirely if possible.

Swimming in the waters off the coast can also be dangerous due to strong currents and tides, so look out for warnings.

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