We've all heard of this trick or that hack for cheaper flights and hotel deals online, but when really is the best time to book flights? Check out Expedia's top 5 money-saving tips when booking your holiday - all tried and tested as part of our latest global travel survey. What's more, with Expedia Add On, there's no need to book everything at once! Reserve your flight, hotel and car separately while still enjoying exclusive deals and discounts. Ready, set, book!

Bundle and Save

Bundle! No matter how you like to book, you can get access to great rates by either booking a customisable package or by booking your hotel up to your departure date when you've booked either a flight, car, or package and receive a discount of 41%. It's a simple way for you to access a great deal and put even more money in your pockets!

Best Day to book your flight

Book on Sundays: Sunday is, on average, the cheapest day to book your flight. The average ticket price on a Sunday is 25% lower than on any other day of the week. For international flights, the savings potential is almost 10%. So next time you're planning to fly, it might be worth it to take some time out of your weekend to purchase your plane tickets.

Book early!

Make sure to book early! Book at least 30 days before departure to save on average 20%. Even more savings can be had if you book 3 months in advance.

Best Month to Book Your flight

For flights from the UK the best Months to book your flight are May (for international flights) and December (for domestic flights).

Sign up to save

Booking through mobile apps can be a smart way to get a hot travel deal as many companies now offer travellers mobile exclusives. Also sign up to our Expedia email offers and newsletters where you can get great discounts on a lot of destinations.