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Last of the Raj: Indian Hotels in Old Colonial Buildings

All across India you’ll find many grand and impressive buildings that date back to the British Raj and the colonial era, many of which have been transformed into unique hotels. Here are five fascinating examples.

The Last Straw: Thatched-Roof Hotels

Whether you opt to stay in an inn, a boutique resort or a beachside spa retreat, enjoy the experience of sleeping under a roof of straw at one of these five hotels.

Count Your Blessings: Italian Hotels in Converted Palazzi

Once the preserve of the most well-to-do Italian families, many former palaces and villas have been converted into stylish, luxury hotels where you no longer need to know the local Count if you fancy a bed for a night.

Spread Out: Italian Alberghi Diffusi

A little while ago Italy had a problem with abandoned buildings in remote locations. Whole villages, usually in the hills and mountains, were ending up as ghost towns, as inhabitants found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet in these remote spots or just moved away.

In the Frame: Hotels in Historic Half-Timbered Buildings

Combining modern amenities with a quaint feel and original features, here's our pick of five historic half-timbered hotels in the UK and beyond.

Spanish Style: South and Central American Hotels in Old Colonial Buildings

In this list we range from Guatemala to Brazil, picking hotels that have transformed old colonial houses and monuments into fabulous accommodation.

Concrete Cool: Brutalist Hotels

It wasn’t long ago that the world seemed to hate brutalist architecture. These days though, brutalism is distinctly cool, and these five hotels prove that concrete is having its day.

Declutter: Minimalist Hotels

When life feels busy and cluttered, minimalist living can be just the escape you need. Understanding that less is more, these five minimalist hotels create a sense of calm and simple beauty that's perfect for unplugging, decluttering and simplifying.

Grand Designs: Hotels by Famous Architects

If you're one of those building geeks, welcome: this edit's for you. Five buildings that were designed by some of the biggest names in the discipline, from Mies van der Rohe to Frank Gehry.

Showing results 1 - 10 / 14