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Blogger Picks: Hotels with High-Spec Gyms

While many relish taking a deserved break away from the gym, for die-hard fitness enthusiasts it’s not so easy. Here’s 6 hotel options for gym lovers.

Blogger Picks: Hotels for Outdoor Running

Nothing beats the pure joy of running outdoors. Local trails are a great start for more challenging, scenic runs, but these blogger picks will leave them in the dust. Undulating French Alps or loch views, beat out your own rhythm at one of these five incredible locations.

Peak Fitness: Hotels with Mountain-View Gyms

If you need inspiration to keep fit, try taking in an incredible mountain vista while on the cross-trainer. These five hotels all have state-of-the-art gyms with incredible views of majestic mountain ranges.

Blogger Picks:Hotels for Walkers in Cinque Terre

If you're heading to Cinque Terre on a walking holiday, here are five hotel picks for you to relax and rejuvenate at the end of the day...

Blogger Picks: City Hotels for Outdoor Running

Stephen Morrison, author of How Many Miles, has run in destinations all over the world. So we figured that as an active traveller and fitness blogger he was ideally placed to give us a selection of hotels in the world's best cities for running.

A London Fitness Break Itinerary

The ultimate guide to keeping fit on your next holiday to London, England, including where to work out.

7 Amazing Fitness Holidays Perfect for Singles

From Vancouver to Sydney, here are some of the best fitness destinations perfect for the active solo traveller.

Fitness Itinerary Washington DC

A running itinerary for your next holiday to Washington, DC, perfect for those who like to mix sightseeing with exercise.

The Best Surfing Beaches You Have To Visit

From Sydney to Waikiki, here are the best surfing spots in the world, perfect for your next surfing holiday.

Showing results 1 - 10 / 21