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Forest bathing is the Zen moment you’ve been searching for

We've rounded up some of the best forest bathing spots around the globe where can combine your newfound houseplant obsession with breaking free from your home's four walls.

Step by Step: Hotels Close to Picturesque Walks

These five hotels are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating after experiencing some of the most beautiful walks our planet has to offer.

Blogger Picks: 5 Adventurous & Unique Hotels for 2019

The travel blogger and presenter Macca, has put together his five favourite hotels for 2019, which are adventurous and unique in theme. So, if you want to stay somewhere incredibly different next year, take you pick from the bunch below.

Blogger Picks: Hiking Lodges in Patagonia

For Dave McClane, from Man Vs Globe, Patagonia is one of his favourite regions of a continent he spent a year wandering. So, kick off your hiking boots, pour yourself a glass of Chilean red and warm up beside a roaring fire at one of these Patagonian hiking lodges.

Blogger Picks: The Best Places to Stay on the Camino de Santiago, Spain

Macca, an adventure travel blogger, puts together his five favourite places to stay on the Camino de Santiago in Spain – there’s no roughing it with these gorgeous properties.

Bear Essentials: Hotels for Wildlife-Spotting in Finland’s Wild Taiga

There are few places left in Europe that can claim to be true wilderness, but the Wild Taiga in the east of Finland is certainly one of them.

Conquering Everest: Hotels for Climbing and Trekking in Nepal

Whether you’re trekking the foothills of the highest peaks or on your way to Everest Base Camp, here are five hotels and lodges in the shadow of the world’s highest mountain.

The Best Places to Spot Elephants in Africa

The Best Places to Spot Elephants in Africa

Cool Waters: Hotels for Outdoor Adventure in Chile’s Lake District

Massive, rugged scenery, huge, sparkling lakes, fantastic hiking and – wait – volcanic peaks, black-sand beaches and monkey puzzle trees?

Showing results 1 - 10 / 38