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Welcome to the Jungle: Lodges in the Amazon Basin

Swinging in a hammock while listening to the sounds of tropical birds or spotting pink dolphins as you chug along South America's mightiest river – the Amazon Basin is full of once-in-a-lifetimes.

On the Beaten Path: Hotels for Hitting New Zealand’s Tramping Tracks

In a typically antipodean linguistic quirk, what you might call 'walking trails' or 'footpaths' are termed 'tramping tracks' in New Zealand. Here are 5 hotels close to renowned walking trails.

Pedal Power: Hotels for Cycling Classic Tour de France Climbs

For the keen cyclist, nothing beats taking on the mountain beasts where cycling history is made each year. Check out these 5 great hotels for taking on Tour de France climbs.

Gaucho Country: Hotels for Equestrians in Argentina’s Córdoba Mountains

It's cool to visit Sierras de Córdoba. But it's better to ride them. Book one of these hotels for genuine gaucho feels‚

Gone Walkabout: Hotels in the Australian Outback

There's plenty to see in the Australian outback, with plenty of swampland, rainforest, mountain ranges and waterholes – and, yes, deserts.

Blogger Picks: Hotels for Jungle Trekking

Teeming with mammals, birds, reptiles, flora and fauna, take a guided hike under the trees and learn about some of the most vibrant, ancient and delicate ecosystems on our planet. Our bloggers have picked their favourite hotels for jungle trekking. Time to pack the insect repellent and begin your adventure.

Blogger Picks: Hotels on Remote Islands

It’s the Robinson Crusoe fantasy – only your bivvy is a world-class hotel that you’d be happy to never leave. Staying on a remote island where you barely have to share the soft sand and crystal waters with anyone is usually the stuff of dreams. Our expert panel pick their favourite island getaways.

Dip In:Hotels for Wild Swimming

The only thing better than admiring a stunning landscape is diving into it – and that's what wild swimming allows you to do. These five hotels let you explore some of the world’s most beautiful wild swimming spots; all you need is a cossie, a towel and a sense of adventure.

Blogger Picks: North American Ski-In Ski-Out Hotels

Eager for a less exhaustive, equipment heavy and time-consuming ski trip? Well, you’re in luck – our panel of experts have picked their favourite ski-in ski-out hotels that not only offer great skiing on the doorstep, but also come with top facilities and fabulous mountain views.

Showing results 11 - 20 / 38