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Budapest Zoo: A Visitor’s Guide

Plan your trip to the Budapest Zoo to find out all you need to know about visiting during your holiday.

Canine Concierges: Hotels With Dogs-in-Residence

These five hotels all have dogs-in-residence, working as canine concierges or tail-wagging doggy directors of hospitality to get your stay off to the best possible start.

Bear Essentials: Hotels for Wildlife-Spotting in Finland’s Wild Taiga

There are few places left in Europe that can claim to be true wilderness, but the Wild Taiga in the east of Finland is certainly one of them.

The Best Places to Spot Elephants in Africa

The Best Places to Spot Elephants in Africa

Home on the Range: Hotels on Working Farms

These stays give you an authentic taste of farming life around the world – and you might even get that tractor ride too.

Sea-Life Central: Hotels for Whale-Watching in Baja California

Mexico's chilli-shaped Baja California Peninsula is a hotspot for whale-watching. Stay at one of these five hotels for a trip that will change the way you see the ocean and think about wildlife.

Gaucho Country: Hotels for Equestrians in Argentina’s Córdoba Mountains

It's cool to visit Sierras de Córdoba. But it's better to ride them. Book one of these hotels for genuine gaucho feels‚

Blogger Picks:African Safari Hotels, Camps and Lodges

Wake up on a distant plain with hundreds of miles of savanna around you, and you understand why a safari is such a bucket list classic.

Into the Wild: Hotels with Free-Roaming Animals

You've woken up, made your morning coffee and you amble to your hotel room window to see – a cheetah prowling past.

Showing results 1 - 9 / 9