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Budapest Zoo: A Visitor’s Guide

“Boasting a dramatic history, rich culture, delicious food, rejuvenating thermal baths and an array of attractions, it’s no wonder that Budapest is a popular travel destination. One of its biggest attractions, especially for families with children, is the Budapest Zoo. If you’re planning a trip to Budapest, use this guide to the Budapest Zoo to prepare for your visit and make the most of the experience.

About the Budapest Zoo

The Budapest Zoo is the oldest zoo in Hungary and among the oldest in the world. It opened in 1866 and hosts millions of visitors each year. Housed on a nature reserve, the zoo’s buildings are some of the most beautiful art nouveau in the city. Over 1,000 animals are found at the zoo, including rare and exotic species.


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What to see and do at the Budapest Zoo

### The Magical Hill

The Magical Hill is the zoo’s newest attraction. Found in Great Rock, the attraction highlights the diversity of flora and fauna and the relationship between humanity and nature. In the attraction, you can see exhibits like the primeval ocean, the evolution of flora and fauna, insects, and the Giants’ Hall, which has life-sized models of massive creatures in the animal kingdom.

### America Tropicana

The America Tropicana attraction is a tropical plant house and showcases the animals living on the tropical American continent. Throughout the attraction, you can see creatures like alligators, tropical birds and newborn crocodiles and geckos. You’ll also find an aquarium, which is home to marine and aquatic fish and animals, including an electric eel and a pool of piranhas.

### Savannah Zone

The Savannah Zone is one of the longest-running attractions in the zoo and hosts an array of African animals. In this attraction, you can see beautiful animals like giraffes, gazelles, rhinoceros, camels and more, which are usually found on the African savannah.

### Australia Zone

The Australia Zone is a popular attraction for visitors. It’s home to the unique birds, reptiles and amphibians of Australian, many of which are nocturnal. To fully showcase these animals, they’re presented in a reverse lighting setup that mimics moonlight for day viewing. You can see animals like wombats, kangaroos, cassowaries, echidnae, platypus and other unique animals.

### India Zone

The India Zone is home to many of the zoo’s large predators, such as rare Indian lions, striped hyenas and dholes. The India House also has areas of other indigenous Indian species, such as red pandas, red cat bears and blackbucks.

### House of Venomous and Giant Reptiles

The House of Venomous and Giant Reptiles is a popular attraction that houses some of the largest, most venomous and rarest reptile species in the world. You can see giant tortoises, pythons, the Danubian meadow viper and the Komodo dragon here, as well as large mammals like babirusas. You can also find exhibits on the lifestyles of reptiles and information about snakebites.

### Madagascar Zone

Once the monkey house, the Madagascar Zone is a newer attraction that focuses on the endemic species of Madagascar. The attraction has an array of colourful bird species, lemurs and rare Madagascar reptiles, such as the African spurred tortoise and rare golden-bellied mangabey.

### Primates Near-at-Hand

The zoo offers an exhibit on different species of animals within the primate group in various attractions. Throughout the zoo’s houses, you can see western lowland gorillas, Sumatran orangutans, hamadryas baboons, red-ruffed lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, squirrel monkeys, golden lion tamarins and pygmy marmosets, among other unique primate species from around the world.


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Practical information

### How to get to the Budapest Zoo

The Budapest Zoo is located in the city centre and is easy to reach with public transport. You can take the yellow Metro line/Underground/M1, Trolly 72 to the Allatkert stop, Trolly 75 or 79 to the Gundel Károly út stop or bus 20E, 30A, 105 or 230 to the Heroes’ Square stop. If you prefer to drive, you can find park houses nearby.

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### Opening times

The Budapest Zoo’s hours vary by season and day. It’s open most days by 9am, however, and entry to the animal houses starts at 10am. It’s open on most holidays as well, even national and religious holidays.

### Tickets

You can purchase tickets for the Budapest Zoo online or at the zoo entrance. Adult tickets are 3.3 HUF (£0.0085) and 3.2 HUF (£0.0057) for children 2 to 18 years. Discounts are available for families, seniors, students and groups, according to the number of people attending. The zoo also has season tickets for daily visits or seasonal visits.

Plan your fun-filled trip

From primeval ocean life and frightening reptiles to adorable monkeys and majestic gazelles, the Budapest Zoo is the ultimate trip for any animal lover. When it comes time to plan, take a look at the options for Budapest holidays to get ready for the trip.”