Top Cities in Germany

Pocket Guide: Germany

The powerhouse of central Europe, Germany is a country with a unique medieval past and a cutting edge present. Known around the world for its precision engineering, it’s admired by visitors for its old world charm, strong national character and unique cuisine. Far from being one homogenous mass, it’s a country with many distinct regions that belies its history as a disparate web of kingdoms and peoples. Home to truly global cities like Berlin and Hamburg, cultural destinations like Bavaria, and natural wonders including the Black Forest, there’s a little bit of everything on offer when you book a hotel in Germany.

Where to Stay in Germany

Berlin - Book a hotel in a historic capital city with an incredible past. These days Berlin is united, and home to a truly unique mix of hipsters, old school Eastern architecture, incredible Turkish food and modern design. A must visit.

Hamburg - A major port of northern Germany connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River and crossed by a network of canals. With an increasingly young crowd, it’s a lively place to book a hotel, with an historic old town and vast stretches of parkland.

Black Forest - A mountainous region of the south, bordering France and known for its ancient forests and traditional villages that inspired fairy tales. It’s also a top place to book a hotel if you’re after a little hiking or outdoor fun.

Bavaria - Perhaps the most ‘German’ part of the country, famed for its boozy Munich Oktoberfest celebrations, medieval towns and world class art museums.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Germany

Follow the Romantic Road through Bavaria, stopping off to sample some of the world’s best beers, explore medieval castles and discover Munich, one of Germany’s great cities. Discover a city united in Berlin, one of the continent’s coolest destinations. It’s a one off mix of Communist era architecture, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, hip districts and a large Turkish population bringing some superb food. Germany’s other cities are also well worth a visit. Find fashion in Dusseldorf, a colossal cathedral in Cologne and a leading financial industry in Frankfurt. Natural attractions include the North and Baltic sea coasts, vast Black Forest and fertile Rhine Valley.

Germany is football mad, rightly so having won the World Cup so many times. Take in a game at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin or dazzling Allianz Arena in Munich. Ski during the winter in the Bavarian Alps, or visit one of the countless spas across the country. Sip a couple of steins at the Oktoberfest beer festival in Bavaria, sample some wurst (or if you’re feeling adventurous a currywurst), or try a doner kebab in the city they were invented, Berlin. Hike or bike around the Black Forest and find out why the Brothers Grimm were so inspired to write their fairy tales and folklore here. Try a city break in any of a number of major cities, including Hamburg or Munich, and try to understand the national character. Germany is a country that really gets under your skin in ways you might not imagine.