Top Cities in Colombia

Pocket Guide: Colombia

Book a hotel in Colombia, a land of spectacular extremes. From the lofty heights of the Andes to the sun-kissed delights of its unspoilt Caribbean coastline, you can both touch the sky and swim the seas. In between there are countless mysterious archaeological ruins, beautiful colonial towns and districts scattered around the lush forests of the Amazon. Columbia is home to South American splendour in all its guises.

Where to Stay in Colombia

Andino — There are plenty of places to stay in Colombia’s two largest cities, Bogota and Medellín, which are situated within Andino, along with a selection of gorgeous national parks. Bogota is the country’s capital city, and sprawls across the Andes some two miles above sea level. Festooned with fabulous museums and extraordinary cuisine, the city is an absolute delight. Medellin’s laid-back ambience and pleasant climate meanwhile provides a more restful city alternative.

San Agustin — This fascinating ancient city is littered with intriguing statuary and monuments from a time long since passed. Once the meeting point for two indigenous cultures separated by towering mountain peaks, San Agustin was where these peoples met to trade, worship, and bury their dead. One of South America’s most significant archaeological sites, San Agustin is the perfect place to book a hotel if you are at all intrigued by the region’s ancient heritage.

Tatacoa Desert — Located midway between Bogota and San Agustin, this dramatic landscape of steep escarpments, canyons and gullies is a stargazer’s paradise. With its clear skies and optimal location close to the equator, the skies of both the northern and southern hemispheres are laid bare unlike anywhere else in the world.

Tierradentro— Second only to San Agustin, this site is another archaeological wonder. But whereas San Agustin is known for its imposing statues, Tierradentro is more of a sprawling, ancient mausoleum. Boasting a fascinating complex of underground tombs and funerary temples all set within enchanting mountain scenery, Tierradentro is a quietly contemplative place to visit.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Colombia

The variety of landscapes to explore is simply staggering. As well as the Amazonian rainforest that can be explored at Amacayacu National Park, there are the Caribbean islands of San Andres and Providencia. Providencia even boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Listed coral reef. More intriguingly, Isla Gorgona is a former prison island that is now a nature reserve rich with wildlife including monkeys, snakes, whales and sea turtles. In addition there are volcanoes, mountain ranges, cities that fuse modern and colonial influences, mysterious ancient ruins and much more, you’ll never run out of things to see in Colombia.

With its rugged Andean landscapes, the options for action activities are almost endless. San Gil is widely considered to be Colombia’s adventure capital, but you can dive, climb, raft, or trek pretty much anywhere. If however you’re more drawn to sub-aquatic adventure, then Providencia's world-class reef is a location of unadulterated bliss.