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  • Sorrento Luxury holidays

    Sorrento is a luxury holidaymaker's dream - a combination of history and its own identity, with the kind of comforts you might expect from a tourist-friendly resort, all set against the spectacular beauty of the Sorrentine Peninsula and the crystal waters of the Bay of Naples. Visit it once and remember it forever, or make a regular return to a region that will welcome you back time and time again.

    Sorrento - say hello to the Amalfi Coast

    Sorrento and the Sorrentine Peninsula are the doorway to the Amalfi Coast, which covers 50 km of the coastline in the region of Campania. Take the coastal road to explore the area, and you will pass deserted beaches, fishing villages with pastel-coloured houses, and grand villas that stand alone between the towns. The shoreline here is quite rugged, and you may need to head out of Sorrento itself to find a sandy beach, but the dramatic vista of the cliffs is one of the major attractions for many people, and there's plenty to do in the area without whiling away the hours sitting on a beach.

    Limoncello - the taste of Sorrento

    One experience that should not be missed during a luxury holiday to Sorrento is Limoncello, an alcoholic digestif produced in the area using sugar, water, alcohol and lemon rinds. It's a popular cocktail mixer that you are likely to have seen at home, and this is an excellent opportunity to sample it in its own home setting. The traditional recipe of the beverage specifies Femminello St Teresa lemons, and these are also known as Sorrento lemons, further proof that the Amalfi Coast is the true homeland of the drink. If possible, try clear and cloudy versions, both of which occur naturally depending on the concentrations of lemon oils and sugar syrup that are used.

    When should I visit Sorrento?

    Summer in Sorrento sees temperatures around 24°C in both July and August, while the number of hours of sunlight peaks in August too, making it a great time to visit if you like warm weather, and if you want the longest days to explore the Amalfi Coast. If you plan to explore off the coast too, then August is again the best month for that, as the temperature of the sea can reach an extremely pleasant 27°C, perfect for that feeling of stepping into the waves and the warmth welcoming you in.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays offer the perfect opportunity to indulge your senses. If you want to enjoy your morning espresso amid turquoise sea views, you can at your luxury hotel. If you want to combine the best of city life and the beach, you can; Sorrento has it all. With a luxury holiday, you choose your preferred hotel and day-to-day experience along with the level of pampering you need. With the option to create something so bespoke – a luxury holiday is worth every penny. Sorrento offers that unrefined beauty that Italy is so famous for. While there may not be many places to party, you will find epic sunsets and landscapes to set the scene for Romance.

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