Born in early-20th-century Germany, the Bauhaus school was an art and architecture movement that emphasised clean lines and the harmony between function and design that would turn it into a byword for modernist elegance. Continuing in those modernist traditions, these five hotels continue to embrace the Bauhaus spirit.

Mamaison Hotel Andrassy, Budapest, Hungary

Located on the historic Andrassy avenue, the Mamaison Hotel Andrassy brings together Bauhaus-inspired architecture and design in all aspects of the hotel, from the sleek lines of the façade to the décor in each of the 68 rooms. The hotel has a modern restaurant and lounge and is a short walk from some of the highlights of the city, including Heroes Square and the Széchenyi thermal baths. And if you're keen on art and design, and drawn to the look and feel of the hotel, you'll love the numerous museums, galleries and shops in the neighbourhood.

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Gordon Hotel & Lounge, Tel Aviv, Israel

The White City in Tel Aviv is home to the world's largest collection of Bauhaus-style buildings, one of which houses the landmark Gordon Hotel & Lounge, right on the seafront. Step inside, and the commitment to design continues down to the smallest detail, with an approach that combines the best of the historic Bauhaus style with contemporary flourishes. This is a small, boutique establishment, and all 10 of the rooms at the Gordon Hotel open out onto a terrace with spectacular Mediterranean views.

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Aspen Meadows Resort, Aspen, USA

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado provide the stunning backdrop to the Aspen Meadows Resort, where the Bauhaus influence can be felt throughout. The resort was designed by Bauhaus architect Herbert Bayer, who intended that visitors to the resort should experience the 'total environment' that was a driving force behind the movement's approach to design. Floor-to-ceiling windows help link the beautiful natural surroundings with the modernist interiors of each room, reminding you of the relationship between mind, body and the natural world.

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Hotel Antumalal, Villarrica, Chile

From its origins in Germany, the influence of the Bauhaus school was soon felt worldwide, arriving on the shores of Lake Villarrica in Chile in the 1940s with the Hotel Antumalal. With its large windows that give views across the lake, wooden walls and simple-yet-elegant furniture, this boutique hotel continues the Bauhaus tradition where design and function operate in harmony. Relax in the spa area, the sauna, or on the terrace of the Restaurant Parque Antumalal, which is not only one of the area's culinary landmarks, but also offers yet more impressive views of the surroundings.

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Ku' Damm 101 Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Modernist design shapes every aspect of the look and feel of the Ku' Damm 101 Hotel in Germany's capital, following, as it does, the principles of Le Corbusier, one of the main influences on the Bauhaus movement. The hotel is on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin's main shopping and entertainment boulevard. And if you're looking for more modernist classics during your time in the city, you can visit the the Mies van der Rohe House and the exhibition at the Bauhaus Archiv, just a short journey from the hotel.

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