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    Mention Egypt to anyone and there's one image that universally springs to mind - the Great Pyramid at Giza, the largest and oldest of the three pyramids found there, with the unmistakeable figure of the Sphinx seated in the foreground. It's an iconic picture postcard image, but from the reverse view you can see the outskirts of Cairo just metres away - you can even dine in a pizzeria with a direct view over the Giza site. It's a sign of how the past and present are always within touching distance of one another in what is arguably the most 'ancient' of modern-day countries.

    Seeking the Sphinx

    The Great Sphinx is carved from a single piece of rock, but there are many smaller examples of the same figure to be found throughout Egypt's cities. Look out for these closer to ground level while you're out on foot exploring Cairo or any of the other major cities - with towering temples and colossal columns nestling among the modern-day architecture, often floodlit once the sun goes down, it can be easy to overlook some of the marvels in plain sight lower down.

    From the cities to the sea

    Egypt is not all about ancient relics and city breaks, and the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is equally worthy of an all-inclusive package holiday in Egypt. Here, rather than explore the architecture, you can take to the water and scuba dive or snorkel, or just splash around in the waves. If you don't plan to travel too far from your hotel, you might find you don't even need a tourist visa, under rules that allow EU and US arrivals to enter the region just by filling in a card on landing and another before departure.

    Cheap all-inclusive holidays to Egypt

    The last thing you want to have on your mind while you're enjoying the sea and sand, or heading into the darkness of a pharaoh's tomb, is whether you've budgeted enough to last the week. With an all-inclusive package holiday in Egypt, there's no need to worry, as essentials like food and drink will be covered. In Sharm El Sheikh, you probably won't go far from your hotel anyway, while in the cities it's also easy to explore on foot, with many of the main sights just metres away, making it easy to return to base for a snack or to rehydrate with a cold drink.

    Why should I choose an all-inclusive holiday to Egypt?

    The big advantage of booking an all-inclusive holiday to Egypt is the fact you can leave your everyday budgeting worries at home. With all your accommodation, meals and drinks already planned and paid for you can get on with enjoying your adventure in Egypt. Whether you are planning on unwinding in the sun, taking a city-break, or want to visit as many as pyramids as possible you can do so knowing you won’t have to reach for your wallet. Your all-inclusive holiday allows you to make the absolute most of every minute of your time away.

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