Street Styles From Around the World

Even before suitcases are packed, discerning travellers know what it takes to dress like a fashionista, no matter where they find themselves in the world. From the trendiest beachwear to the most glamorous evening outfits, “style” has its own translation around the world – you just need to know the language.

To be ahead of the fashion pack before you head off on your travels, take a look at the top street styles from around the world.

Paris - The bolder the better

what to wear in paris day what to wear in paris night

Paris. It’s the city where edgy meets avant-garde and rebellion meets couture. It’s also the place to look über cool without having to think too much about your wardrobe, explains Stylist Alex Longmore:

“In the daytime, try skinny or straight-legged jeans paired with a simple stripy t-shirt. In the evening, combine it with a black tuxedo jacket and a random eye-catching accessory, such as an over-sized scarf. Remember, you’re Parisian for the time you’re there, so anything goes. Well, apart from overcoats; it’s a mortal sin to cover your outfit up in the city where Chanel, Dior and Givenchy rule.”

Mykonos - Bohemian chic

mykonos day mykonos night

Famed for its tranquil seas, whitewashed houses and hedonistic nightlife, Mykonos is very quickly taking over Ibiza as the place to party.

“When packing for this destination, the key thing to consider is versatility”, says Alex. “For daytime, the style inspiration is all about superyacht meets bohemia, so you will want to mix a bit of both into your look. Go for large designer shades and wear with long flowing kaftans, lots of bangles, hoop earrings and a big sun hat.

“For night-time, you need a wardrobe that can carry you from the beach to the bar, without having to head back to your accommodation to change. Pack lightweight silks, mini dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits that can roll up easily. Remember to bring along at least one pair of wedge sandals for a stylish post-beach look.”

Los Angeles - Effortless athleisure

what to wear in los angeles day what to wear in los angeles night

A mecca for denim-clad celebrities, green-juice-sipping health fanatics and laid-back surfers, Los Angeles is the Ying to Hollywood’s Yang, writes Alex:

“The LA style is practically lateral. It really is all about wearing jeans and a t-shirt paired with either sneakers or flip-flops. It’s the complete antithesis of the glamour that oozes from Hollywood on the red carpet.

“This is a place where it’s normal for the beautiful sun-kissed Cali babes to be in their workout wear most of the day; sporting Lululemon leggings, UGG boots, and a yoga mat slung over their shoulders.

“Layers are important to pack, as it can be a bit chilly after the summer months. Pack a beanie hat and a hoodie, or go one better and make a trip to the Aviator Nation shop on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice for the best laid-back surfer girl look. It’s one of my all-time favourite shops.

“Night-time in LA is a bit more put together. It’s still low key but you’ve got to look polished. The denim translates into the evening, but it’s best to go for skinny or cropped jeans and leave the baggy boyfriend style for the daytime. A beautiful silk shirt worn with a biker jacket is a staple for LA nights, creating an edgy look without being too formal.”

Rome - From casual to catwalk

what to wear in rome day what to wear in rome night

To many, Rome’s style is immortalised in a single fashion icon from the 50s. “When I think of Rome, I always think of Audrey Hepburn in a Roman Holiday”, says Alex. “Outfits need to look romantic and whimsical, just like she did in the hit movie.

“To get that laissez faire look of Audrey, team a cream shirt with a below-the-knee skirt; they’re immensely practical and ideal if you’re not overtly feminine. A boy-ish oversized denim jacket thrown over the shoulders finishes off the casual look effortlessly”.

By night, however, laid-back looks are out, and glamour is in. According to Alex, Rome’s evening style is quintessentially catwalk. “By nightfall, the city oozes sophistication and grandeur. To dress for the occasion, take inspiration from the leading Italian fashion house, Dolce and Gabbana, and go all out with a full skirt and chandelier earrings. Add a plain t-shirt to balance the overall look and to draw the eye to your fetching skirt”.

London - Express yourself

what to wear in london day what to wear in london night

You don’t need to be Kate Moss or have a contract with Rimmel to get the “London look”. In fact, according to Alex, it’s much more relaxed than that.

“While fashion powerhouses, such as Burberry, Christopher Kane and Victoria Beckham, boast a clean-cut style on the catwalk, London’s high street look is all about showing off your unique personality through clothes; dress it up and mess it up, that’s the British way”.

Practical yet elegant outerwear is followed on into the night, with tartan and black leather a winning combination for all seasons. “Us Brits love wearing black – it’s almost a uniform. Subtle and stylish in all situations, in black you can take in a show at the West End, tuck into a fancy dinner, or indulge in a few cocktails in Soho. Tartan, on the other hand, brings out your chic individual flair”.

A word of warning from Alex, however: don’t forget to be practical. “London rains; it’s part of the charm. To look great during downpours, don’t forget an umbrella and fierce heavy duty boots”.

Dubai - Luxe is more

what to wear in dubai day what to wear in dubai night

Be it diamonds, supercars or skyscrapers, Dubai wears magnificence like a medal. So, what do you wear in the land of luxury? Outfits that look (but needn’t cost) a million dollars, that’s what.

If you don’t have the budget for a full designer wardrobe, Alex recommends focussing your attention on just one item. “Dubai’s look is centred around its designer features. If you can only choose one designer item, choose a designer handbag which can be worn with any outfit. Don’t forget to pair it with oversized shades and perfect nails for the ultimate polished look”.

For evening, the look remains super glamorous and sophisticated. If in doubt, Alex recommends you “think Kardashian”. “Slicked back hair, towering heels and a helping of glittery diamonds will give you that A-lister look in the Middle East”.

New York - Eye-catching comfort

what to wear in new york day what to wear in new york night

The Big Apple’s cluttered sidewalks become catwalks during the day, with a fierce walk and dramatic tailoring the ultimate “power dressing” combination for young professionals.

To make sure you can ‘walk the walk’ with the best of them in New York, Alex recommends an outfit which is equally comfortable and fashion-forward. “Choose a style which can take you from hip Downtown to the immaculate Upper East Side; which you could wear for shopping in Soho and for wandering Central Park”.

Once you get the comfort right, you need to bring your style to life with ample accessories. “Wide denim culottes are a casual choice, while an elegant top doubles up the smart fashionista vibe. With this look, I’d add attention-grabbing above-the-shoulder accessories, such as large designer shades and statement earrings”. To get you from A to B in a New York minute, a pair of cute flats are the preferred choice over sky-high heels.

In the City That Never Sleeps, evening style is all about dressing to impress – just like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. “New York fashionistas love to dress up, from cocktail dresses during uptown drinks, to ball gowns for a special Broadway performance. For the Manhattan cosmopolitan look, sling a faux fur coat over your shoulders – just make sure it’s in leopard print, NYC’s key trend for the A/W season”.

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