By Expedia Team, on January 16, 2018

Blogger Picks: Hotels for a Blowout Weekend

“What would your budget-blowing dream getaway look like? City or country? Active or lazy? When we asked eight bloggers to describe their perfect blowout weekend, we got an amazing range of responses, from Vegas splurges and Amsterdam parties to Santorini sunsets and ranch adventures. One thing they all have in common is exceptional hotels…

Our panel

– Emyr Thomas, Bon Vivant
– Pierre Blake, Pierre Blake
– Misha Gillingham, Wild Luxe
– Dan Fennessy, Party with a Local
– Roxanne Genier, Luxe in a City
– Jacob and Emily Cass, Just Globetrotting
– Emily Luxton, Emily Luxton
– Angie Silver, SilverSpoon London

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Canaves Oia Suites, Santorini, Greece

Chosen by: Emyr from Bon Vivant

“A beautiful blend of modern and authentic with soothing blue and white interiors, the vibe at Canaves Oia Suites is effortlessly chic. Spend all day in the new infinity pool being mesmerized by the stunning views before settling in to watch the famous Santorini sunsets. Canaves Oia Suites is intimate, luxurious and perfect for a blowout weekend away!”

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Park Hyatt Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Chosen by: Pierre from Pierre Blake

“I absolutely fell in love with the new Park Hyatt hotel in Bangkok. From the clean and minimal style to the incredible food and beverage outlets, this property has everything you need for a proper blowout! My personal recommendation would be to visit their lesser-known Whiskey Room, which is connected to the Penthouse Bar + Grill on levels 34-36.”

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Sorrel River Ranch Resort, Utah, USA

Chosen by: Misha from Wild Luxe

“My idea of a blowout weekend may be slightly different than most. I’m an adventure and nature lover down to my very core, so I usually skip the city party scene and head out to into the wild. One of my favorite weekend getaways is Sorrel River Ranch in Moab, Utah. There is so much to do at the ranch itself as well as in the surrounding area. For example, you can ride horses through beautiful canyons, go hiking, roast marshmallows over a bonfire, and enjoy fantastic food and wine in the cozy ambient River Grill. In the evening, the ranch has live music on the patio which overlooks the river and majestic canyons – it’s a blast! Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park are in very close proximity, and both offer some spectacular sights and hiking. If you like photography you’ll be in heaven here; the scenery is unique and marvelous!”

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W Hotel, Amsterdam

Chosen by: Dan from Party with a Local

“The W Hotel already has a global reputation for being trendy and exciting. What’s more, it’s the only hotel in Amsterdam with a rooftop swimming pool and bar… overlooking the royal palace, right in the center of the city!

Staying at the W can never be boring. Besides having a spa and great restaurants, it also hosts regular live music events. Perfectly in tune with city-wide happenings, it also participates in events such as Amsterdam Dance Event and Gay Pride.”

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The Modern Honolulu, Hawaii

Chosen by: Roxanne from Luxe in a City

“In my opinion, the ideal weekend blowout destination should always come with abundant sun soaking, the perfect waves nearby and music to keep you smiling and dancing all day and night. This is what I found at the Modern Honolulu.

Steps away from the famous Waikiki Beach, a surfing paradise for both beginners and experts alike, the Modern Honolulu feels like a little piece of Miami’s jet set scene in the middle of the Pacific.

With both a day pool and a sunset pool, a delicious selection of cocktails and Addiction, an on-site nightclub featuring world-renowned DJ’s, the Modern Honolulu might seem like a far-away destination for some, but it is well worth the trip across the deep blue seas.”

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Sun Aqua Vilu Reef, Maldives

Chosen by: Jacob and Emily from Just Globetrotting

“Jump off your own villa’s balcony into crystal clear turquoise waters, grab a paddle-board and float away! Sun Aqua Vilu Reef is paradise, and the perfect blowout weekend! The staff are fabulous and the views stunning. What more could you ask for?”

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Beach Palace Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Chosen by: Emily from Emily Luxton

“My top recommendation for a blowout weekend would have to be Beach Palace in Cancun, Mexico. It’s an all-inclusive resort right on the beach, and it’s ideal if you want to spend a few days relaxing and indulging in total bliss. With a double whirlpool tub as standard in all rooms, a private swathe of Cancun’s white sandy beach, and three pools, there are loads of bathing options to choose from. I loved the swim-up bar in the rooftop pool, complete with underwater stools so you don’t have to leave the water. Then there’s the food, which is available in abundance from an almost obscene number of restaurants and bars (not to mention room service). The staff are lovely, and the bartenders are always on hand to serve you another cocktail (or shot of tequila). If you want to escape it all and splurge on a weekend of excess and relaxation, Beach Palace is the answer!”

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Encore at Wynn, Las Vegas, USA

Chosen by: Angie from SilverSpoon London

“I’d choose The Encore in Las Vegas for a total blow out weekend. It has the best clubs in the world, incredible restaurants, pool parties and the most epic brunch I’ve ever seen.”

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