Vienna, Austria's capital city, is located along the Danube River and boasts an array of historic, artistic and cultural attractions. It also has plenty of beautiful green spaces that are ideal for romantic strolls, family picnics or just to get a break from the energy of the city.

Here are the best parks in Vienna for a little touch of nature on your holiday.


1. Nationalpark Donau Auen

Nationalpark Donau Auen is an expansive parkland in Vienna and Lower Austria with a diverse landscape of lowland forests, wetlands and meadows. The park has an array of wildlife, such as the European pond turtle, the white-tailed eagle, the Eurasian beaver and the Danube crested newt. Outdoor adventurers and nature lovers will enjoy the opportunities to spot wildlife and wander in the wild of the parkland, and you can also take a boat or canoe trip for a unique vantage point on the park's scenery.

2. Stadtpark

Stadtpark, or city park, is a municipal park that's divided into 2 sections by the Vienna River. The park not only has beautiful plants and green spaces for a quiet and relaxing day, but there are also numerous sculptures and monuments within it. You could see the bronze monument of Johan Strauss II and sculptures of Robert Stolz, Hans Makart and Franz Schubert. You can also visit an opulent 19th-century spa pavilion with healing mineral water, which is now a popular spot for concerts, nightclub events and balls.

3. Burggarten

Burggarten is a great spot for a retreat from the city with a touch of local history. When Napoleon retreated from Vienna in 1809, the grounds around the Hofburg Palace were in disrepair. The area was turned into a private garden for the Imperial family until the change to a republic in 1919, which is when the garden became the public Burggarten. While wandering through the park, you can see stunning views of the architecture and historic sights that surround it, as well as many beautiful monuments within. The park is home to the famed Mozart monument, Hercules and the Nemean lion and a monument to Franz I.


4. Lainzer Tiergarten

Animal lovers will enjoy Lainzer Tiergarten, a wildlife preserve and parkland that dates back to 1561. Originally created as a fenced hunting ground for Ferdinand I, the park became a public nature preserve in the mid-19th century. It's home to many unique species, such as fallow deer, mouflons, red deer and wild boar. The park also has 2 scenic viewpoints, Hubertuswarte and Wiener Blick, both of which offer panoramic views of the park and surrounding city. Hermesvilla, a mansion built for the wife of Franz Joseph I, is a local museum with cultural history exhibitions and a cafe within the park.

5. Danube Park

Once one of the largest public parks in Vienna, Danube Park is a popular park for outdoor recreation and family fun. The park has several beaches and outdoor swimming pools, as well as the Donauturm, a towering structure with a panoramic viewing platform that rotates for uninterrupted views of the city. Throughout the park, you'll also find skateparks, playgrounds, tennis courts and sculptures.

6. Sigmund Freud Park

Sigmund Freud Park is the perfect place for relaxing in nature. The park features a ring of trees that were planted by the European Union for the anniversary in 1997, all of different genus and species to represent the countries in the union. A granite table with 10 seats represents the new member states, and there's a stunning marble sculpture created by Rudolph Moratti.

7. Volksgarten

The Volksgarten is a fascinating park that represents 2 types of landscape architectural styles. On the side with the Hofburg Palace, the park represents an English style, while the Ringstrasse side has a French baroque architectural style with detailed planning and organisation. The park is filled with sculpture and memorials, such as a replica of the Temple Hephaistos and the memorial to Franz Grillparzer. The park has beautiful rose gardens with hundreds of different species, as well as 2 picturesque fountains.


8. Rathauspark

Located across from Vienna City Hall, Rathauspark is an attractive parkland that was created by Franz Joseph I for the residents of the city. The park features a central square that's been used for different events, such as summer film screenings and winter Christmas markets. One of the park's best features is its native and exotic plant life, which mixes common trees and bushes with rare finds like an old gingko biloba tree.

9. Schönbrunn Palace Garden

The Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most popular attractions in Vienna and includes memorable formal gardens. Once the residence of Habsburg emperors, the palace and gardens were designed in the baroque style. The gardens were the site of the world's first zoo and boast faux Roman ruins, an obelisk fountain, opulent statuary, fountains and formal flowerbeds to explore.

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