It's easy to forget what an extraordinary phenomenon a city is. Sure, it's buildings and streets. But that's just part of what makes up a city. People and everything they do and make are what really defines the life of a city; the sounds, sights, smells, history, culture, quirks. That's why no two are the same - and no two city breaks are the same.

And that's also why you'll find a constantly updated source of inspiration right here, whether you want a quick run-down of the best European city breaks for each season, or in-depth local knowledge on how to get the best of cities around the world, from Barcelona to Bangkok.

Top restaurant recommendations, quirky things to do in familiar cities and guides to up-and-coming destinations that might not be on your radar already. They're all here. We know everyone has a different idea of the perfect city break, and whether it's cramming in the tourist-magnet attractions over a weekend stay or just a few days of people-watching to get the feel of a place, we can help. Browse around, get some inspiration - and keep checking back for new city break ideas, guides and tips.

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