To see all sorts of animals in the flesh, up close and personal and in the wild or otherwise, is an incredible thing to experience as a person - and arguably more so when on holiday. The natural world has endless appeal and animals can either be the highlight of a getaway or reason enough to travel in the first place.

From classic safaris involving the big five to jungle expeditions that feature a whole host of exotic creatures, you are simply spoilt for choice when it comes animal-inspired holidays. We're here to help animal lovers like you find your way around all of them - and inspire your next trip too.

We've got ideas for where you can go whale-watching, scuba-diving so that you are close to sea life, horse-riding on ranch holidays or husky-trekking beyond the Arctic Circle. We've got guides to experiences that you can enjoy close to home or overseas, whether you're keen on viewing birdlife off the sea cliffs of Great Britain or taking part in a safari in Tanzania, Kenya or South Africa. Whether you know what kind of wildlife you want to see or are still undecided, have a browse of our articles below for ideas and inspiration.

If you're also interested in landscape and the beauty and ambience of the natural world, our nature travel section is highly recommended. If getting off-the-beaten-track and taking part in various escapades is more your thing, take a look at our articles on adventure trips.

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