Top Cities in Nepal

Pocket Guide: Nepal

This mountainous land is the stuff of legend. From the ancient Buddhist temples seemingly defying gravity on the slopes of the Himalayas, to the mountains themselves - which include Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak - this is a land that invites exploration and wonder. Nepal is not for the faint of heart. Kathmandu, its capital city, is an almost overwhelming swirl of life barreling through its narrow lanes. Exhilarating, intense, and awe-inspiring, book a hotel in Nepal: the land of adventure.

Where to Stay in Nepal

Into the Valleys — Both Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, and Pokhara, its second city, are nestled in large valleys in the hills. Whilst Kathmandu valley was a thriving hub long before any Western influence, and hence is rich with historic neighbourhoods, temple complexes, pagodas, Buddhist stupas, palaces and bazaars, Pokhara valley is much less hectic. The gentler gradients in both these valleys make them ideal for less arduous trekking.

Inner Terai — These large valleys that sit between the northern foothills and the Siwaliks are traditionally home to the Tharu people, and you can discover much evidence of their art and culture as you explore them. They are also home to the Royal Chitwan National Park where tigers, rhinos, crocodiles and other wildlife roam free, as well as remoter idyllic forests, fields and rivers – a hotel here is the perfect escape into nature.

Middle Hills — Marking the transition to higher ground, these hills are home to a number of hill tribes who inhabit picturesque villages and manage the terraced fields that make trekking here such a scenic delight. The views of the high Himalayas from here are almost second to none.

Mahabharat Range — This foothill range that runs across Nepal from east to west in an unbroken chain is also the least developed for Nepal’s ever-growing tourist industry. As such, you will enjoy a real sense of getting off the beaten track, as you venture towards inviting destinations such as Daman and Tansen.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Nepal

Nepal in its wholeness is of course what visitors really come to see - it is a land of endless visual splendour, with mountain peaks, jungles, and river valleys. It is also home to countless monasteries and temples. To get a sense of its culture, and the human footprint on these monolithic landscapes, you should visit Kathmandu, which is a buzzing city, rich with heritage that includes Nepal’s most popular UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durbar Square.

Trekking is Nepal’s most popular activity, and rafting and kayaking are other obvious pursuits. Perhaps more surprising to discover is that Nepal is also a favourite destination for both motorcyclists and mountain bikers. Those of you more enthused by the wilds of Nepal’s jungle might want to explore the number of jungle safaris available to you. If, however, you’re looking to let your hair down, you won’t be disappointed either as there are frequent full moon parties that are known to go on for two or three days!