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    Destination Travel dates From
    Orlando 09 Oct - 16 Oct 2014 £581
    Edinburgh 09 Oct - 16 Oct 2014 £119
    Los Angeles 09 Oct - 16 Oct 2014 £550
    Miami 05 Sep - 12 Sep 2013 £630
    San Francisco 09 Oct - 16 Oct 2014 £533
    Cape Town 09 Oct - 16 Oct 2014 £731
    New York 10 Oct - 13 Oct 2014 £496
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    * Flight and car prices are per person, based on return flights and economy or mini car hire for two people for the travel dates indicated. All prices include compulsory taxes, service fees and compulsory car insurance. Surcharges based on any additional requests are not included.
    ** Flight and Hotel prices are per person, based on return flights and two people sharing a room for the duration of the stay indicated. All prices include tax and service fees.