Family holidays in Canary Islands

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  • Canary Islands Family holidays

    Take your young ones to one of the world's best destinations for groups of all ages. Cheap family holidays to the Canary Islands let you relax, exercise and make memories you will genuinely never forget. The landscape of the volcanic islands will stand out in your mind even amongst year after year of beach holidays, and there are more than enough local landmarks to make the islands even more memorable still, not to mention serving as fantastic photo opportunities so you have a physical memento of your vacation to look back on in the years to come.

    Must-see locations in the Canaries

    There are certain places in the Canaries that you really have to see if you are staying nearby. For example, on Gran Canaria, Maspalomas is a tourist resort with an area of sand dunes located right alongside it on the beach. Just minutes apart from each other, you can stop for a snack or drink at a beachfront cafe, and be in the midst of a desert-like landscape moments later, with huge potential for photo opportunities during family holidays on the Canary Islands. On Tenerife, make sure to turn away from the coast for some photographs, as almost everywhere on the island offers a view of the peak of Mount Teide on the horizon.

    Feeling fortunate

    Elsewhere in the archipelago, the island of Lanzarote is an equally popular destination for family holidays in the Canary Islands, with its tourist-friendly beach resorts and hotels that cater well for visitors of all ages. The island of Fuerteventura is also one of the main destinations for package tours, with a name that translates into English as 'good fortune', but may also derive from 'strong winds' in reference to the warming desert breeze that blows over to the Canaries from the Sahara on mainland Africa.

    Pack your bucket and spade

    It's worth the extra flight time - around four hours - to get to family holidays on the Canary Islands, as the distance further south means you can expect more equatorial weather conditions, with warm temperatures and plenty of bright sunshine. They are a great destination for a beach holiday, and every summer thousands of families spend a happy week or two waking up in the morning to take the short trip down to the sand, before splashing around in the Atlantic and playing in the sand until the sun starts to drop towards the horizon once again.

    Why the Canary Islands are so great for families

    Belonging to Spain but close to Africa, the Canary Islands offer you a unique destination for a family holiday. With a number of family-friendly islands to choose from, including lively Tenerife and Gran Canaria, you can pick and choose the destination most suitable for your Canary Islands family holidays. They've all got superb beaches and delicious food, with volcanic landscapes to really excite the little ones. Plus, with plenty of purpose built resorts with kids clubs and varied facilities, there's more than enough for the whole family to do.

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