By Expedia Team, on April 24, 2019

Meet the 2019 Squad

Discover the 2019 Squad, a set of unique football kits, inspired by 11 must-visit European regions**.

The stadium rumbles with the roar of the crowd. Fans draped in flags and football scarves belt out their team songs. And the thrill of another goal only excites the crowd more, as the fervour buzzes through the city. Football fans travel from all around the world to cheer on their favourite teams and unite over a common love for the game.

As the official travel partner of the UEFA Champions League, Expedia combined the exhilaration of the competition with our passion for travel. We designed custom football kits that represent some of Europe’s most popular destinations. All 11 shirts make up the squad, each capturing the excitement and fanfare of the game mixed with characteristics of each region.

Explore the shirts as a traveller. Each colour palette was carefully chosen, and we have added textures, patterns, and elements to every piece to create a visual journey through Europe. Join us as we take you on a tour of some of the top European travel destinations reimagined as football kits.

Meet the Squad:

The French Riviera – The French Riviera takes the field in a football kit that evokes sun-kissed sands, endless azure waters, and a kaleidoscope of colourful beach umbrellas.

001-cotedazur-blog-article-1024x1296-uk.jpg?1556230535Photos: FenlioQz/Shutterstock | RudenkoStudio/Shutterstock | Tomgrimbert/Unsplash

Nouvelle-Aquitaine – The land of Bordeaux wines and sandy beaches perfectly plays the pitch in a shirt that is soaked with shades of deep burgundies, contrasted by beige lines representative of vineyards that cross its land.


Photos: FredP/Shutterstock | Yani Yano/Shutterstock| Photomario/Shutterstock

Puglia – Shades of cobalt and aquamarine, evoking the Adriatic Sea, are easily seen during a football match. The shades of olive and the stark white geometric patterns recall the Puglia’s rich architecture and olive production.


Photos: Josef Skale/Shutterstock | Mike_O/Shutterstock | Mariano Colombotto/Unsplash

Tuscany – Tuscany rushes the field in a football kit that has a bold upper torso, heavy with the colours of red wine and purple-hued sunsets that dip below fertile green valleys and earthy beiges.


Photos: [Ɓukasz Czechowicz/Unsplash](“) | [Reuben Teo/Unsplash](“) | [Lefteris Kallergis/Unsplash ](“)

Costa del Sol – Spain’s Sun Coast makes a colourful splash on the field. Its shirt features rich browns balanced against soothing turquoise and bright white, recalling the region’s Nerja Caves, sparkling Mediterranean Sea, and historic architecture.


Photos: Valery Bareta/Shutterstock | Valery Bareta/Shutterstock | Ana Vanesa Garcia Naranjo/Shutterstock

The Canary Islands – Taking the pitch, the Canary Islands don a dramatic football kit. The islands’ volcanic birth is represented by the bold black background juxtaposed against the magma-red geometric design.


Photos: Rosan Harmens/Unsplash | Al-St/Unsplash | Carlos Hernandez/Unsplash

The Lake District – As seen from the stands, the Lake District’s shirt has dignified browns on each shoulder. They are perfectly balanced by waves of calming blues and greens representative of the idyllic lakes and fells of this British gem.


Photos: Michael Conrad/Shutterstock | Jack Anstey/Unsplash | Drew Collins/Unsplash

North Rhine-Westphalia – This German state takes on the competition in a memorable football kit. The shades of walnut and moss juxtapose a shower of pink hues that recall cherry blossoms.


Photos: Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock | Dihetbo/Shutterstock | S.Bosirov/Shutterstock

Hamburg – During the match, Hamburg’s shirt may look all business with its structured angled patterns, but the pops of turquoise indicate something more underneath the refined exterior.


Photos: SJ Travel Photo & Video/Shutterstock | Robert Katzki/Unsplash | Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

The Algarve – The southernmost region of Portugal shows off its aquatic-inspired football kit with waves of deep blues and green that evoke the Algarve’s proud maritime past.


Photos: Alice-D/Shutterstock | F8 Studio/Shutterstock | Nildo Huebl/Shutterstock

The Aegean Islands** – The Greek islands sport a crisp blue and white shirt on the pitch, representing their iconic whitewash architecture and captivating Mediterranean vistas.


Photos: Olga Gabrilova/Shutterstock | Isidoros Andronos/Shutterstock | Massimiliano Donghi/Unsplash

You’ve met the squad, now get to know their hometowns. We’ve produced itineraries for some of the most popular regions to explore even after the matches are over. Are you ready to travel like a champion? Let’s play!”