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A Visitor’s Guide to Brighton Beach

“Once a favoured seaside resort of Georgian kings, Brighton Beach is one of the most enjoyable seaside destinations on the English coast. The modern city boasts remnants of the royal past, such as the Royal Pavilion, as well as lively cultural attractions, art galleries, bars and a fun pier.

Use our visitor’s guide to Brighton Beach to discover the many things to do and see and plan your next holiday.

What to do in Brighton Beach

Whether you’re looking for history, culture, romance or family fun, you’ll never run out of options in Brighton Beach.

### Royal Pavilion

Once the lavish royal residence of England’s monarchs, the gorgeous Royal Pavilion is a fascinating traveller attraction with Indo-Islamic design, stunning architectural features and gorgeous grounds. Inside, you can explore rooms with luxurious decor and royal artefacts.

### Brighton Palace Pier

The beloved Brighton Palace Pier is a historic attraction that brings locals and visitors from all over. Stretching onto the sand of Brighton Beach, the pier extends into the English Channel and boasts bars, restaurants, fairgrounds and other amusements.

The Artists’ Quarter is near the pier and offers an array of galleries to explore. You could also visit the arches by the West Pier, which is home to a variety of independent traders selling furniture, fashion and photography.


By Ian Stannard from Southsea, England – Brighton Marine Palace & PierUploaded by snowmanradio, CC BY-SA 2.0,

### British Airways i360

The British Airways i360 is a massive observation tower shaped like a UFO. The observation deck features panoramic views of the coastline and Isle of Britain, as well as a bar for drinks and champagne with high-class dining in the evening.

### Brighton Toy and Model Museum

The Brighton Toy and Model Museum is housed beneath 4 of the Victorian arches in Brighton’s Railway Station. Inside, you’ll find toys of all shapes and sizes throughout history, as well as an incredible model train collection from different time periods.

### Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Located in a renovated stable block of the Royal Pavilion, this museum and art gallery has a beautiful collection of 20th-century design and works from prominent artists. You could also visit the captivating gallery of world art, which holds an admirable Egyptian artefact collection, and a multimedia exhibition called ‘Images of Brighton’, which contains a series of oral histories and a model of the West Pier.


By The Voice of Hassocks – Own work, Public Domain,

### Kemptown

Nestled near Brighton Beach is Kemptown, a vibrant neighbourhood at the centre of the city’s shopping scene. The streets are filled with stores, cafes, bars, boutiques and more within an upbeat village atmosphere. You could spend the day wandering in and out of shops or just taking in the beautiful scenery of the village.

### Sea Life Brighton

Sea Life Brighton is a large, fascinating aquarium that’s home to an array of colourful aquatic life, including giant turtles, sharks and seahorses. You could spend hours looking at all the unique animals in display tanks throughout the facility before visiting the interactive rock pool, which gives you a chance to touch rays, starfish and anemones.

### Fishing Museum

The Fishing Museum is a unique attraction that celebrates the city’s origins as a sleepy fishing village. You’ll find exhibitions that include boats and fishing artefacts throughout history, visual images like archives and contemporary films and educational experiences.


Brighton fishing museum – By Simon Burchell – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Brighton Beach activities

Brighton Beach is a beautiful seaside spot that’s perfect for relaxing in the sun or swimming in the shallow areas. If you’re more adventurous, you can try fun water sports like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. On land, you’ll find spots for classic beach sports like volleyball and Frisbee.

### Brighton Beach nightlife

After dark, Brighton Beach comes alive with waterfront clubs and bars beneath the Victorian beachfront arches. You can enjoy late-night eats, cocktails, live entertainment and energetic clubs on virtually any night of the week.

Brighton Beach and the surrounding city have endless choices for things to do and see. Don’t just picture yourself strolling on the pebbles, using up your pennies at the arcade and relaxing back at your Brighton hotel, get planning your trip today!”