There's nothing more relaxing than heading to the beach... right? But which beach do you choose? And are you more likely to choose a different beach depending on where you're from? And what about what you wear, what you eat, and where you like to sit - does your citizenship make a difference?

From Brazil to India, Canada to Thailand, New Zealand to the UK, we've taken a worldwide poll and collected all the weird and wonderful facts about how people like to visit beaches around the globe. You can find a selection below, but make sure to visit the Flip Flop interactive map for more!


-Italians are very patriotic; they rank the Amalfi Coast one of their top bucket list beach destinations

-French people are both the least anxious about getting a sunburn and the least anxious about feeling body conscious while on a beach holiday

-Canadians are the most willing to drive long distances to get to a beach... and also cited "escaping the winter blues" as one of the biggest appeals of a beach holiday

-Japanese people aren't the biggest fans of Speedo-style bathing suits for men at the beach, with over 66% of respondents disagreeing with the style

-Spanish people are the most anxious when it comes to stingrays and jellyfish

-British people are some of the least likely to work out or jog on the beach, but they are some of the most willing to fly a long distance to get to one

Bondi Beach

Make sure to check out our interactive map to see the rest of the facts... some of them will probably surprise you! And for lots of tips on some of the best beach destinations in the world, including Bondi Beach, The Cook Islands, and Playa del Carmen... click here.