Where I am sitting now, there are birds softly twittering in the thick green trees that hang down shading my table from the soft warm sunlight above.

My first activity on the island would be scuba diving. As a newbie to the sport I was excited to experience the variety and abundance of charm under the sea.

"Let's go find Nemos over there" G L Dive Master exclaimed. Wow. A real life Finding Nemo trip. After we had completed the PADI introduction GL looked at me. "Ok so what is the number one thing you must remember when under the water?" "To keep breathing" I smiled back.

"You got it! A natural! Let's go!" he responded boosting my confidence.. simple.

And so after an hour training session we kayaked our way to the other side of the bay on the Ticao Island Resort. As a complete beginner G L stayed by my side throughout the dive.. guiding me along the sea bed floor which was littered with an array of creatures... sea urchins, butterfly fish, sea stars, tiny nemos, juvenile lips, sea grass, coral and gobys flittering back in to their holes.

What an amazing first experience of scuba diving at Ticao Island Resort.