There are many reasons why a particular destination develops a reputation for art. It could be the galleries and museums that can be found there and the famous works they contain. It could be their former lives as artistic centres. It could be the street art that livens up public spaces, both well-known and hidden away.

If you're searching for ideas for your next art-inspired holiday, look no further. On this page we have guides to the world's best museums and galleries, articles on specific artists and the cities they lived in and recommendations on how to experience a city through its buildings.

We'll show you how the art and architecture of Gaudí helped create a vision of Barcelona that is so beloved of travellers today, as well as which cities can claim to be home to the finest works of street art. You can also discover the best places to go to see paintings by famous artists such as Monet and Van Gogh, as well as insider guides to alternative and underground art scenes. From beautiful paintings and sculptures to awe-inspiring buildings and art in unexpected places, have a browse and find out more.

If your love of arts extends to music, literature and film, take a look at our culture section. Or, for more on landmark buildings and what you can see on your next trip, browse our articles on architecture.

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