From the northern coasts, down to the Mediterranean via the Massif Central, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Alps with a little a detour via Paris, the diversity of the landscapes and the heritage of France are captivating. Moreover, there are islands renowned for their wild beauty such as Corsica, or more exotic destinations like the French overseas territories. A beautiful variety of attractions which reflects the richness of its land and traditions.

During your travels, immerse yourself in the ancient history of the places you are visiting, let yourself be tempted by local specialities - some of which have contributed to the reputation of French cuisine known throughout the world - and marvel at the ancestral savoir-faire of French artisans. Whether you are a city or a countryside lover, a culture buff or a sports enthusiast, there's something to keep everyone happy: breath-taking cliffs shaped by the wind, imposing mountain ranges, rivers along which the most beautiful cities in France have been built, wild and idyllic beaches, or perhaps dense forests and nature reserves. All of these can be found along your journey. Here are our 100 irresistible favourites, listed by region, to give you a better idea of where you may want to visit next. All that's left to do is choose your French hotel and, if needed, book your flight to or within France and your hire car. Then you can set off on an adventure through France, ensuring that you make the most of the magnificent region you've set your heart on!

1- Discover Paris your way


Romantic, unusual, classical, cultural, commercial or gourmet, Paris will show you what it's made of, any way you like! So, will you be found wandering along the banks of the Seine or through the streets of Montmartre? Will you admire the rooftops of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe? Would you rather visit the Louvre or the Grévin Museum? When it comes to taking a stroll, would you prefer the boutiques of the Champs-Élysées or the uniqueness of Saint-Germain-des-Prés? The choice is yours!

2- Put stars in your children's eyes at Disneyland Paris

Give in to the temptation of this fabulous fairy-tale park where everything is simply magical. Your little ones will be thrilled to enter the enchanting world of their favourite cartoons and meet their heroes along the park's walkways. And you certainly won't be sulking on the roller coasters or during the magnificent parade at the end of the day.

3- Live a life of luxury at Versailles


With geometric patterns brought to life through artfully arranged water displays, the formal French gardens of Versailles will make the keen gardeners among you green with envy. A magnificent setting for an equally magnificent Chateau. Walk in the footsteps of the kings of France in this resplendent building with 2,300 rooms, built by Louis XIV.

4- Marvel at the majestic limestone and flint found in the town of Étretat

The cliffs of Manneporte, Courtine, Roc Vaudieu and Falaise d'Aval and d'Amont linger over Étretat like a mysterious perfume that will inevitably encourage you to sail along the coast to appreciate the unique shapes carved by the wind and the sea, or to climb higher to overlook this fantastic theatre opening out onto the English Channel.

5- Watch an amazing show on the front of Rouen Cathedral

The city's most prestigious monument, Notre-Dame de Rouen Cathedral, is a jewel of Gothic art and Norman history. The building has changed over time and was rebuilt following the Viking invasions and Allied bombings of 1944 and proudly displays France's tallest spire. In the summer, some of its most closely guarded secrets are uncovered through an incredible sound and light show.

6- Walk in the footsteps of impressionist painters on the Côte Fleurie


Nestled on the Côte Fleurie and a real source of inspiration for Monet and his peers, the small port of Honfleur is a delightfully traditional town with its narrow houses, attached to one another in rows, to better face the whims of the sea. As you continue your journey to Trouville, Deauville or Cabourg, you'll recognise the landscapes that inspired the most beautiful impressionist seascapes.

7- Visit the Normandy Landing beaches in remembrance

Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword: strange names to say the least, particularly for the French beaches of Calvados. The five Normandy beaches on which the Allied forces landed were given these names. The memory of the greatest military operation of all time is kept alive, whether on the Côte de Nacre or inland or through the military cemeteries, museums and other monuments of the area.

8- Walk to Mont-Saint-Michel


Follow in the pilgrims' footsteps and brave the shingle beaches and quicksand to reach the spiritual island of Mont-Saint-Michel. An unforgettable experience that must be undertaken with a guide, due to the dangerous nature of the bay should you venture there alone. This is an exceptional place to discover that you can revisit time and time again due to the uniqueness of this ecosystem which differs both according to the day and the season.

9- Visit the largest cathedral in France and the Hortillonnages, or floating gardens, of Amiens.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Notre-Dame d'Amiens Cathedral is the largest in France. A good reason to visit this charming city with its narrow streets lined with pretty houses, cafés and restaurants. But it has many other curiosities, including its floating gardens that you can discover by boat or on foot.

10- Go with the flow of the tides in the Bay of the Somme

Why not get in touch with nature and breathe in the sea air? Enjoy the wide panoramic landscapes, climb aboard the bay's Petit Train or taste delicacies such as samphire and sea aster. In this extraordinary ecosystem, you can also observe seals in their natural habitat or marvel at the vast number of bird species during a stroll in the Parc du Marquenterre bird sanctuary.

11- Get off the beaten track: dare to go North!

Lille_Grand_Place.jpg?1560776624Lille, Grand-Place

Although less coveted than its sun-drenched cousin, the North has much to offer. There is, of course, Vieux-Lille (or 'Old Lille') with its narrow streets lined with private mansions and its unique atmosphere. But while you're at it, why not you let yourself be carried away by a moment of madness in a delightfully local 'ch'ti' way? The North will leave you with unforgettable memories, from the Piscine de Roubaix Museum, to the strange dome of Saint-Omer and the spiral staircase of Le Touquet lighthouse.

12- Appreciate the architecture in Arras

If you like remarkable buildings, you'll love walking around Arras, which some call a gothic pearl in a baroque setting. Start your walk in the Grand-Place where grand Flemish-style residences are lined up, forming a guard of honour for the Town Hall. All you have to do is climb to the top of the Town Hall's belfry to discover the churches, private mansions and other Art Deco buildings which are next on your list to visit.

13- Get your fill of water sports and hiking on the Opal Coast

Berck_Plage.jpg?1560777139The beach at Berck-sur-Mer

The Opal Coast is the perfect embodiment of wild beauty and it's the ideal place to get a breath of fresh sea air. Stroll through the dunes, gaze out to sea from the cliff tops, then wander to Berck, Le Touquet or Calais - the city of lace and fashion. The sea breeze will delight sailing enthusiasts, while gourmets will take an interest in sea fishing and its produce.

14- Let yourself be intoxicated by the wind at 'Les Deux-Caps'

The gusts sweeping the Cap Griz-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez headlands will certainly spice up your walks in the open air. You can, at their discretion, observe seagulls and black-headed gulls darting playfully on the wind, inviting sand yachting enthusiasts to do the same on the pretty beaches below. Why not take your kite and try out some acrobatics?

15- Reveal your inner pirate in Saint-Malo

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of sailors, discoverers and fishermen by heading for this pretty port city on the Emerald Coast. Behind the ramparts, the maze of alleyways in the historic centre will let you discover all the treasures of the city of Saint-Malo: old sailing ships, Les Thermes Marins spa, buckwheat pancakes, the tomb of Chateaubriand and more. The charm of Brittany of awaits you!

16- Adopt a different approach to culture in Rennes

Rennes has mastered the art of restyling its historical heritage through urban culture and invites you to add more to your initial experience: from opera on the big screen to the Tattoo Convention and the Stunfest festival of videogames. Elegantly combining half-timbered houses and street art, Brittany's historic capital has something to delight all ages.

17- Create magnificent memories at Cap Fréhel

Cap_Fr%C3%A9hel_CC.jpg?1560777706Cap Fréhel - Photo credit: George Dement under licence CC BY-SA 2.0

From this sheer granite rock face overlooking the sea at a height of more than 70 metres, you can admire the sea and its colour changes from green to blue grey, depending where the sun is among the clouds. Countless shades of pink can be seen across the cliffs and the heather-covered moors when the glimmering sun shines down.

18- Succumb to the romanticism of the Pink Granite Coast

With rocks and cliff faces weathered by erosion, the region of Côtes-d'Armor offers landscapes which are both majestic and intriguing. At nightfall, the pink of the granite is further highlighted by the sun's glow: a timeless moment to enjoy with your loved one. From Perros-Guirec to Lannion, charming seaside resorts are just waiting to entertain you.

19- De-stress by stopping over in Ushant

There's nothing quite like an island that has been sheltered from mass tourism for recharging your batteries. Get back to nature on the island of Ushant. Coves hidden among the rocky cliffs, sheep grazing in the meadows, churches, lighthouses and wayside crosses all create a typically Breton postcard. Get back to basics by spotting the different birds in the bird sanctuary as well as the comings and goings of the seals down on the beaches!

20- Expose yourself to the elements on the Pointe du Raz

Jutting out into the tumultuous waters of the Atlantic, the Pointe du Raz bears witness to the power of the water and the wind. With your face invigorated by sea spray, you can admire the Raz de Sein and, in the distance, the famous Ar Men lighthouse which is the furthest lighthouse from the French coast. This region has many attractions to discover as you wander around the Cap Sizun, la Baie de Douarnenez or the Pointe du Van.

21- Sample oysters from the beautiful Carnac region


Carnac is world-famous for its 3,000 standing stones, which have been standing to attention since prehistoric times. It is also known for its charming seaside resort and the savoir-faire of its oyster farmers. Then head for Plouharnel, La Trinité-sur-Mer or Auray to get your fill of salty flavours. A slice of bread spread with salted butter, accompanied by a small glass of white wine is the most pleasant of aperitifs.

22- Go diving in the Glénan archipelago

Put on your wetsuit and discover the marine fauna of Finistère, in the Glénan islands. Whether underwater or above it, you can't help but notice that this well-preserved environment, located just a few miles from Concarneau, is every bit as good as its equivalents in the south. Soft corals, sea fans, starfish and horseshoe crabs are all yours.

23- Enjoy the specialities of Belle-Île-en-Mer

With its authentic and well-preserved landscapes, this large island in the Bay of Biscay - about forty minutes by boat from Quiberon - will delight you in many ways. After admiring the beauty of its landscapes - as did Monet and Flaubert in their time - treat yourself to fish soup, goat's cheese, honey, shortbread and other Breton biscuits. A true festival of flavours, worthy of the superb wildness of this area[1].

24- Step back in time at Puy du Fou


Breath-taking shows, splendid period villages dating from ancient times to the 20th century, life-size games and falconry: this is just a glimpse of what this world-famous theme park has in store for you set in the heart of a hundred-year-old forest in the Vendée. A fabulous journey through time that will fascinate young and old alike!

25- Between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, an astonishing artistic journey awaits you

Get on your bike or cruise along the river Loire all the way to the ocean. Over 60 kilometres, no fewer than 30 contemporary works of art created by acclaimed artists are dotted along the path, such as La Maison dans la Loire by Jean-Luc Courcoult, or Le Serpent d'Océan by Huang Yong Ping. An open-air museum, with unusual elements, that is sure to leave unforgettable memories.

26- Share real experiences in Noirmoutier

A family destination par excellence, the island of Noirmoutier is acknowledged for its wild beaches and long stretches of sand dunes. This is the perfect place to contemplate nature, where you can meditate looking out to sea, admire the flocks of birds in the Polder of Sebastopol nature reserve, or smell the sweet scent of wallflowers near the Bonhomme oyster farm park with its colourful fishermen's huts.

27- Travel through the "Green Venice" on foot or by boat


From the coastline to the ancient islands connected to the mainland, the vast Marais Poitevin wetland is awash with luscious green colours. In a very simple boat, you can travel along the water, slicing through the green duckweed in a silent, mysterious atmosphere. Once on land, the marsh will show its other side, with dry areas and wooded meadows.

28- Enjoy a unique family experience at Futuroscope

Just a short distance from the cultural and festive city of Poitiers, this extraordinary theme park will allow your whole family to experience an unforgettable adventure: the Aquaféerie Nocturne aquatic light show, fast-paced adventures and enthralling rides. Everything you need to get your fill of emotions and sensations, for every generation.

29- Make La Rochelle your home port

Are you a sailor at heart? What would you say to a trip out at sea? Or spending the night onboard your boat? Or take a trip to the mythical Fort Boyard to make an impression on your little shipmates? Is this more of a romantic stopover? Then opt for dinner on the open sea aboard the Columbus, one of the famous sailing boats of the Vendée Globe, the round-the-world non-stop yacht race.

30- Discover the ten faces of the Île de Ré


Off the coast of Aunis, discover this gem of the Atlantic coast and the uniqueness of its ten villages, located between the ocean, salt marshes, dunes and forests. From the charming little port of La Flotte to the pretty beaches of La Couarde-sur-Mer, via the remote village of Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, you can experience a complete change of scenery!

31- Treat yourself to a maiden flight over the Île d'Oléron

The Île d'Oléron and the Bassin de Marennes are truly magnificent, and even more so from above. While the more adventurous can experience their first skydive, others may prefer to jump aboard a helicopter or a microlight. Perhaps you'll spot the Château d'Oléron, the national forest of Saint-Trojan-les-Bains or the iconic lighthouse of Chassiron?

32- Gaze at yourself in the Miroir d'Eau reflecting pool in Bordeaux

Leave your suitcases in Bordeaux on the banks of the Garonne, and start your visit with this unmissable creation by landscape gardener Michel Corajoud. Installed less than ten years ago at the Place de la Bourse, this immense granite slab under 2 centimetres of water is now considered a contemporary World Heritage site. Treat yourself to a refreshing, romantic or simply a fun break, but don't forget to pose for posterity in the reflection of this magnificent 17th-century facade.

33- Climb the highest dune in Europe


Perhaps you yearn for the Sahara, but this far-flung destination is not within your reach? Treat yourself to a complete change of scenery on the Côte d'Argent. Here, on the edge of the Landes forest, the famous Dune du Pilat awaits you - a remarkable geological phenomenon that could be described as a true "natural archive". From the top of this immense 106-metre-high pile of quartz grains, you can enjoy a splendid view of the Bassin d'Arcachon.

34- Tickle your taste buds in Sarlat-la-Canéda

Come and celebrate at the palace in the magnificent city of Sarlat-la-Canéda in the Dordogne! The Château de Puymartin, located in the neighbouring town, is worth a visit as is the covered food market in the church of Sainte-Marie. Foie gras, cheese and other local specialities will create an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

35- Go back to our roots in Lascaux

Nicknamed "the Sistine Chapel of Cave Art", the fascinating Lascaux caves display magnificent prehistoric frescoes dating back to about 15,000 BC. Although it is no longer possible to enter the caves to ensure the preservation of this fantastic treasure inherited from our Cro-Magnon ancestors, you can see an exact replica in the International Centre for Cave Art in the Vézère valley, one of the cradles of mankind.

36- Brave the waves in Biarritz


Surf schools are everywhere in this elegant seaside resort on the Basque coast. Popular since the 1950s with surfers from all over the world, the location and waves have elevated Biarritz to the ranks of European historical capital for this discipline. Located within the Etablissement des Bains de Mer building, the Maison du Surf is dedicated to the sport of surfing.

37- Watch transhumance in the Ossau valley

A truly unmissable event in Béarn in the Ossau valley is the perfect place to witness this traditional "summer" event. In July, sheep leave the lower valley to return to the aromatic grasslands of the high mountains. This ancestral tradition sees thousands of animals bring the villages to life through a concert of tinkling bells. Although the cheese fair is held in October, the fruits of the traditional maturing process can be enjoyed in any season.

38- Enter into the light in Chartres

Created following the enthusiastic reception of the first Festival of Light, the Chartres en Lumières event showcases some twenty remarkable sites each year, from April to October. The Festival of Light is the world's first event of this type, which you can experience on foot, by canoe, by Petit-Train, as an orientation-style game or by following a trail. The Festival is the highlight of this event and promises you street shows, installation art and many interactive shows. A magical moment for both young and old.

39- Set foot in the valley of the kings of France

Chateau_de_Sully_sur_Loire.jpg?1560860355Château de Sully-sur-Loire

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Châteaux de la Loire will amaze you with their balanced, symmetrical architecture. From Cheverny, which inspired the Château de Moulinsart, to Villandry, as beautiful as its gardens, to Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci lived, they all have an exciting story to tell.

40- Dive into the heart of the Middle Ages in Bourges

Every year in June, the heart of the medieval village, known as Les Fêtes médiévales de Bourges, is set up in the shade of the imposing Saint-Étienne cathedral. Here, you can meet merchants, market gardeners, weavers as well as the knights who come here to choose their most impressive armour. Dressed in medieval clothes, your children can try to remove Excalibur from the stone, catch sweets that have been catapulted through the air or see symbolic figures such as Jacques Coeur, the founding trade merchant, or Joan of Arc.

41-Shake things up in Vézelay

There are a thousand and one reasons to come to Vézelay. Are you passionate about culture? Open the doors to the Sainte-Madeleine Basilica, a true masterpiece of Romanesque art. Are you more of a hedonist? Enjoy delicious white wine from one of France's Most Beautiful Villages. Looking to recharge your batteries? Walk in a group or alone along the paths of Le Vézelien, peppered with quirky attractions, from potters' workshops, clog makers, an archaeology museum, guest farms to art galleries.

42- Taste the divine nectars of Burgundy


Stretching over 87 kilometres, from Dijon to Beaune and then on to Santenay, the Grands Crus vintage wine route is full of delights. As well as Cistercian abbeys and other traditional villages, you can also find vineyards, châteaux and other renowned wine designations. Chambertin, Pommard, Meursault. Make the pleasure last by combining wine tasting sessions with visits to charming villages and discover washhouses, bread ovens and small stone huts, which are all typical of this region.

43- Visit the spiritual heart of medieval Europe in Cluny

Founded in 910 by William of Aquitaine, Cluny Abbey remained the largest religious building in Europe for five centuries until the construction of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Today, its impressive remains still testify to the power it yielded during the Middle Ages - unmissable.

44- Push your limits in the Puy-de-Dôme

Mountains, volcanic lakes and marked trails make the Puy-de-Dôme the ideal place to take part in outdoor activities! Swim in lakes fed by waterfalls, paddle in a dream setting and gallop or cycle through wide-open spaces. Hot-air ballooning, paragliding and hang gliding are yet more activities available to you. As free as the wind, you can fully appreciate the magnificent landscapes of Auvergne.

45- Hike for a few days in the Cantal region


How would you like to admire exceptional panoramas every day over the Chaîne des Puys mountain range, the Massif du Sancy and the Monts du Cantal? There are several trails on offer, ranging from 49 to 83 miles in length, that can be completed in 5 to 8 days. An extraordinary experience that, in addition to the sumptuous landscapes, will give you a true picture of the lives of those who live in the Massif Central mountains.

46- Become passionate about flora and the cutlery industry in Aubrac

Discover Aubrac-Laguiole, a region shaped by nature and craftsmen. Here, the love of a job well done, tradition and openness to the modern world have given rise to exceptional knives that are famous across the world. Discover an exciting universe in which the local flora is scattered around waterfalls, peat bogs and the Boraldes streams: gentian, sundew and calamint are among the 2,000 flower species that give colour to this plateau.

47- Follow your dreams at Puy-en-Velay

Whether you want a bit of enchantment, to treat yourself to a cultural break, to explore the paths along the way to Compostela, try your hand at lace making or even visit Vivier beach, everything is possible at Puy-en-Velay! Located at the sources of the Allier and untamed Loire rivers, it's the ideal location for white water sports. The volcanic pipe that's more than 2 million years old, with its magnificent visual projections, is an amazing sight to behold.

48- Use the secret passages, or 'traboules', to unlock all the secrets of Lyon

Vieux-Lyon (Lyon old town) is a veritable open-air museum. The Saint-Jean cathedral, la Maison du Chamarier, La Tour Rose, as well as countless fountains and corner statues, are just some of the sights on offer here. Leave the car and meander through the 'traboules', a kind of secret passage that allows pedestrians to cross courtyards and buildings from street to street. A unique visit in contrast with the history of Lyon - formerly known as la Cité des Gones - where you can even learn some of the regional Lyon dialect.

49- Take a deep breath in the Vercors mountain range


With its steep, cliffside paths, its vast expanses where history and nature intermingle and the maze of underground caves, the Vercors promises you many moments of escape. Climb to the high plateaus and enjoy the splendours of the nature reserve where hikers, marmots and chamois goats all cross paths among lavender, edelweiss and orchids.

50- Reach for the top in the Mont Blanc massif

Of all the destinations that might push you to the limit, the Chamonix valley is certainly one of them. So, are you up to the challenge of climbing to the top of Europe? If not, just take the Aiguille du Midi cable car or the famous rack railway to the top, where you will be able to admire the Mer de Glace and the Grandes Jorasses. So, whether you are energetic or otherwise, you'll be sure to enjoy the magnificent panoramas from up here.

51- Try your hand at outdoor sports in Annecy

Regardless of the season, Annecy has a wide range of outdoor activities on offer, thanks to its magnificent natural setting. Swimming, diving, sailing and water-skiing are all available on the lake, while the hills are ideal for mountain biking, canyoning, paragliding or downhill skiing. Are these activities too conventional for you? How about a little caving, via ferrata, high-ropes course, or even bungee jumping? Anything is possible here!

52- Do yourself some good in the Ardèche

Grotte_de_Saint-Marcel__Ard%C3%A8che.jpg?1560863977Grotte de Saint-Marcel, Ardèche

What takes your fancy? A spa treatment? Wandering through villages full of character? Spending the day fishing, in a beautiful natural setting? Flying over Annonay, Antraigues or Labeaume in a hot air balloon? Canoeing under the Pont d'Arc? Or discovering stone that appears like lace hidden deep underground in Soyons? The hardest thing in the Ardèche is deciding what to do next.

53- Climb to the highest village in Europe

Also known as "the place where roosters peck at the stars", this small village of Saint-Véran welcomes you at an altitude of 2,040 metres, in the Queyras Regional Nature Park. This village is classed as one of the most beautiful in France and from here you can hike or do some downhill and cross-country skiing. A resolutely mountainous destination to enjoy in any season!

54- Succumb to the magical village of Baume-les-Messieurs

Surrounded by the high cliffs of the Jura, nestled at the end of a lush cirque, Baume-les-Messieurs invites you to discover its captivating universe, with caves, a rocky waterfall and an imperial abbey. A majestic, surprising and vibrant site, and one of France's most beautiful villages.

55- Go around (the clock) in Besançon

Nestled in a river bend of the river Doubs since Antiquity, Besançon has cultivated a rich past. Start your tour by opening the doors of Besançon Cathedral and discover the intricate workings of its famous astronomical clock. Next, climb up to the citadel, designed by Vauban, then cross the ramparts to visit this charming fortified city's three museums and zoo, located a stone's throw from the Swiss border.

56- Look out over the plains of the Alsace in Haut-Kœnigsbourg


With its walls soaring to an altitude of 757 metres, the Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg offers an exceptional panoramic view of Alsace, the Vosges, the Black Forest and occasionally the Alps. Once you have crossed the drawbridge, you can discover the château's collection of medieval weapons, its medieval garden, keep and large bastion. Theatrical visits, sensory exploration and the discovery of edible plants set the agenda for this tourist hotspot in the heart of the Alsace.

57- Expand your knowledge in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is both the capital of Europe - and home to its institutions - and of Alsace and really shines thanks to its remarkable historical and architectural heritage. This city marks the northern gateway to the wine routes of Alsace but has more than one string to its bow. From the half-timbered houses of Petite France, to the church of Saint-Paul, passing through the Palais Rohan palace and cathedral, there are many places to visit here.

58- See life through a coloured lens in Colmar

With its half-timbered houses painted every colour of the rainbow, enjoy a fairy-tale experience in Colmar. And it won't be Little Venice or the surprising mansion home, Maison des Têtes that will rouse you from this waking dream. Here, the shops vie with each other to be the most charming. You'll find sweets, such as candied fruits, biscuits and the unmissable Alsacien pastry, kougelhopf - a real echo of childhood!

59- Build a cairn on the Ballon d'Alsace mountain

Lac_du_Grand_Ballon_Alsace.jpg?1560865444Lac du Grand Ballon, Vosges

Located at the confluence of three valleys steeped in their own cultures, customs and history, the Grand Ballon is the summit of the Vosges mountains and opens up onto the Black Forest, the Italian side of Mont Blanc, the Swiss Jura and the Bernese Alps. A fantastic area for adventure within everyone's reach, as evidenced by the many stone mounds left by hikers of all ages.

60- Take a leap into the future in Metz

While Metz has managed to preserve many vestiges of the past, it is nonetheless looking resolutely to the future, as attested by the bold Centre Pompidou. Under what resembles a gigantic Chinese hat, this magnificent exhibition hall dedicated to contemporary design conveys strong emotions. Over the course of the year, it will unveil a programme worthy of its prestigious collection.

61- Crack open the champagne in the southern Aube region

With the historic centre of Troyes, the waters of the Forêt d'Orient Natural Park and the hills that give rise to those divine bubbles, the south of the Aube is a forgone conclusion. Enjoy a stopover with guaranteed enjoyment - the colours of the stained-glass windows and half-timbered houses of the old town in Troyes, the almost sea blue of the great lakes and the golden nectar of the vineyard on the Côte des Bar.

62- Put on a happy face in Reims

Gargouille__cvath%C3%A9drale_de_Reims.jpg?1560866033Gargoyle, Reims Cathedral

Walk in the footsteps of the kings of France as you enter the gothic Cathedral of Reims, scene of their coronation. Admire, as you pass by, the famous statue of the Smiling Angel, before continuing your walk to the Palais du Tau and the Basilica of Saint-Remi. After your travels, treat yourself to delicious pink biscuits - a real secret of the city - accompanied by a glass of champagne!

63- See life through a blue lens among the rocky inlets

Les Goudes, les Queyrons, Sormiou, Marseilleveyre, Sugiton - enigmatic names, as if these beautiful coves and inlets were intended to be a closely guarded secret. This didn't take into account the people of Marseilles who are so proud of these pure turquoise waters that they are now the envy of the world. An exceptional untamed setting, ideal for climbing, hiking, diving or simply swimming and sunbathing.


64- See the beauty of nature in Aix-en-Provencen

Follow in thenfootsteps of Cézanne and explore the trails of Montagne Sainte-Victoire,npeppered with terraces. Once at the top, your eyes will be drawn to thenlandscapes of Provence and the plains of the Pays d'Aix, while in the distance,nyou will be able make out the impressive Mont Ventoux and the Alps. Back inntown, you can open the doors to the painter's studio to make this timelessnmoment last.

65- Watch a gladiator fight in Arles'namphitheatre

Built around 80 AD,nArles Amphitheatre is the most significant remains from the ancient Romannsettlement that can still be admired today. It is now the setting forntheatrical, musical or traditional shows, like bullfighting events such as lanCorrida, la Cocarde d'Or or the Ferias de Pâques and Ferias du Riz. In summer,ngladiatorial re-enactments are held here - a colourful show in an exceptionalnsetting.

Make your weekend in Arles last with our guide: Arles in Vincent Van Gogh'sfootsteps.

66- Discover the Camargue at a trot

There's nothing likenriding astride a Camargue horse to discover the coastline and marshes of thisnmagnificent region. For an hour or more, you can switch pace and be amazed.nFrom the Étang de Vaccarès marshland to the beaches of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer,nyou'll have plenty of time to admire bull ranches, colonies of pink flamingosnand even a magnificent sunset.


67- Dance on the Pont d'Avignon

Who hasn't sungn"Sur le Pont d'Avignon"? Introduce your little cherubs to thisnmagnificent city. There is a range of options open to even the youngest ofnvisitors, including a completely off-the-wall show guaranteed to make younlaugh, that'll let you discover the Palais des Papes, the Rocher des Doms asnwell as the walkway along the ramparts.

68- Connect with nature and history in Uzès

Uzès is full ofnarchitectural treasures, such as 17th and 18th-century turreted mansions,nsophisticated murals and Renaissance-influenced facades. All these details willngive you an insight into the city's success as a result of the silk trade. Byntaking the laundry women's staircase, you can reach the banks of the river Eurenfor a pleasant rest.

69- Fall under the charm of the villages ofnLuberon

Whether up high ornsituated on the plains, the Most Beautiful Villages of France, whethernwell-known or less well-known, are truly a delight for the eyes. For example,nsee Roussillon, with facades awash with colourful shades of apricot. Or Gordes,nwhich, at nightfall, offers breath-taking views across the old stone housesnthat glow red as the sun sets.

70- Go off on an adventure inside Europe'snlargest canyon

Gorges_du_Verdon.jpg?1560866614Gorges du Verdon

For thousands of years, the Verdon river has patiently shaped breath-taking landscapes in this valley. You can appreciate these fully from the Point Sublime, the Belvedere de l'Escalés or the Balcons de la Mescla observation areas. In the Gorges du Verdon, you can hike, climb limestone cliffs or indulge in the joys of canyoning, rafting or canoeing, all under the watchful eye of the local vultures.

71- Drop anchor at Porquerolles

Why not leave the mainland to discover the many faces of Porquerolles? Located a few minutes by boat from the Giens peninsula, this small piece of land surrounded by turquoise waters reveals a steep coastline where imposing cliffs hide magnificent creeks. Are you looking for warm weather, a crystal-clear sea and fine sand? If so, head to the north! Further inland, you can discover more plant collections in the botanical conservatory.

72- Climb the Mont Vinaigre in the Esterel massif

Rough reliefs, jagged landscapes, steep coves plunging into the Mediterranean: the Esterel adorns the Côte d'Azur with surprising and contrasting landscapes. Whether you reach them on foot, horseback or by rock climbing, the Pic de l'Ours, Rocher Saint-Barthélemy, Cap Roux or even the Mont Vinaigre will surprise you with their breath-taking panoramas.

73- Cook up a mouth-watering ratatouille in Nice


Photo credit: yoppy under licence CC BY 2.0

Ah, the French Riviera! Its capital, Nice, is a destination of many sides. Bathed in sunshine 300 days of the year, it cultivates a certain way of life in the little alleyways, on the piazzettas or on the sun-drenched beaches. The local candied lemons, salads or pissaladière tarts will undoubtedly convert you. Why not whip up a delicious ratatouille when you get back from the market?

74- Rev your engine along the Riviera's coastal roads

This time take the car and enjoy the beautiful panoramas along the Grande Corniche route, between Eze and Menton. From Nice, you can take the coastal road along the Mediterranean and pass through La Turbie, inland, where you can admire the imposing Trophy of Augustus. You will then reach Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, an old hilltop village overlooked by a Carolingian fortress. A fantastic tourist rally in the sun!

75- Discover ecotourism in Mercantour

At a time when the future of the planet is a primary concern, we need to adopt a more responsible approach to tourism. ECST certified, Mercantour National Park guarantees you an environmentally friendly stay on a Natura 2000 site that's home to some 2,000 different species of wild flora and ungulates, such as chamois, ibex and other mouflons. The return of wolves to this area is further proof of the quality of this exceptional natural environment.

76- Enjoy Collioure in all its forms


Collioure is a true jewel of the Côte Vermeille, combining art, culture and gastronomy to perfection, and where you can enjoy every moment of your stay. This city - and the birthplace of fauvism - is located between the sea and the mountains and it will delight culture lovers as well as water sports and relaxation enthusiasts. After a day of guaranteed enjoyment, raise your glasses in a toast.

77- Light up the sky in Carcassonne

A magnificent medieval city perched on a hill in the Languedoc region, Carcassonne appears, behind its 3 kilometres of ramparts, to jealously guard its treasures of the Saint-Nazaire Basilica, the Château Comtal and the gates, Porte Narbonnaise and Porte d'Aude. It's also home to a huge theatre that hosts the famous Festival de la Cité every summer. Considered one of the most beautiful in the world, the annual firework show on 14 July is not to be missed!

78- Let your imagination guide you to Peyrepertuse

This unparalleled Cathar castle will immerse you in its fascinating world, returning bravery, combat and resistance to their former glory. Each season allows you to discover it from a different angle. Enhanced by the corollas in spring, you can enjoy the nearby swimming area in summer, while in the autumn, the Hautes Corbières offers you a flamboyant setting. In winter, magic takes over, giving the place an ethereal calmness.

79- Don your captain's cap on the Canal du Midi

Cruising on the Canal du Midi will give you a feeling of freedom with a touch of serenity. Along this long waterway linking Toulouse to the Mediterranean, you can navigate your houseboat - with no need for a licence - and moor up wherever you wish. Through the locks, in the half-light of the Malpas tunnel or on the l'Étang de Thau, you'll experience unforgettable moments.

80- Embark on an haute couture tram in Montpellier


Four tram lines designed by Elisabeth Garouste, Mattia Bonetti and Christian Lacroix run through Montpellier. An ideal way to discover its clever mix of old and contemporary architecture. Only a few stops separate the medieval streets from the architectural tours de force of Ricardo Bofill, Jean Nouvel or Zaha Hadid. So, travel in style on this journey through time!

81- Open the doors to the most beautiful abbey in Hérault

A charming medieval village set against impressive cliffs, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is the setting for the Gellone Abbey, on the Camino de Santiago. But it's not the region's only gem to still house natural treasures, there are also vineyards, olive groves and the megaliths of the Hérault gorges. Here, hiking trails, swimming areas and climbing routes are set in a landscape between stone and sky.

82- Visit French Rome

With more than 2,000 years of history, Nîmes will take you back to Roman times through its exceptional ancient heritage. Aside from the Romanesque Museum, you can also discover the best-preserved Roman amphitheatre, the famous Maison Carrée temple, the Tour Magne, the Castellum water reservoir and the Temple of Diana. Not far from there, the impressive Pont du Gard aqueduct testifies to the great inventiveness of our ancestors.

83- Get a rush of adrenaline in the Gorges du Tarn

Gorges_du_Tarn_Cyrine_Boubaker-Dubuisson.jpg?1560867889Photo: Cyrine Boubaker-Dubuisson©

In the heart of the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, you can delve into a spectacular universe, composed of deep valleys and immense expanses of wild nature. Here, white-water and outdoor sports are everywhere - canyoning, rafting, caving, paragliding, bungee jumping. And why not hang glide alongside the vultures in their majestic flight?

84- Get closer to the stars at the peak of the Midi de Bigorre

Located in the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Midi de Bigorre peaks at an altitude of 2,876 metres and offers the most beautiful panorama of the mountain range. From La Mongie, you can enjoy a spectacular ascent via cable car before reaching the panoramic terraces. In the research centre for astronomy, you can discover the fascinating universe of cosmic rays, stars, planets and meteorites.

85- Climb on the back of the Minotaur in Toulouse

Once the capital of the Visigoths, and now the capital of aeronautics and space, Toulouse will take you on a journey through its 2,000 years of history. From the Capitol to the Jacobin convent and the Halle de la Machine - which is home to the wonderful Minotaur - the pink city will never cease to amaze you. The Aeroscopia Museum and the Cité de l'Espace will complete this thrilling trip!

86- Race around the track in Albi


Purple, gold, blue - these are the names of the three heritage circuits in the heart of the episcopal city of Albi. They're ideal if you don't want to miss anything in this breath-taking city, home to the Cathedral of Sainte-Cécile, the Palais de La Berbie and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum. In the region, you can also discover the Roquefort cheese cellars, the thousand-year-old Gaillac vineyard as well as medieval villages and fortified towns.

87- Dive underground and reach seventh heaven at Rocamadour

A sacred village clinging to a cliff in the Dordogne valley, Rocamadour welcomes many pilgrims from Compostela. Not far from here is the famous Gouffre de Padirac at the end of an unforgettable boat trip along an underground river, 70 metres deep. In September, the majestic setting of the Alzou Canyon comes to life with the Montgolfiades hot air balloon festival. A majestic show not to be missed under any circumstances!

88- Follow the river Lot to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

The road that winds between the river and the cliff is a pleasant drive. See the small traditional, sometimes troglodyte villages, the Châteaux des Anglais or the deer and squirrels playing hide and seek in the trees. Once Cabrerets, Vers and Bouziès are behind you, you'll reach the magnificent medieval village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, full of little alleyways, 12th and 15th-century houses and hidden gardens.

89- Rise above the clouds, on the Millau viaduct


The record-breaking Millau viaduct has some dizzying numbers to its name. It is 2,460 metres long, 342 metres wide, 32 metres wide and 343 metres high. Your crossing will, of course, be etched in your memory forever, especially if engulfed within a cloud of fog. From the rest area near the Viaduct, you can enjoy a breath-taking view of this giant of concrete and steel.

90- Treat yourself to an unforgettable sunrise in Bonifacio

Picturesque capital, Bonifacio is guaranteed to provide strong emotions and memories that will remain forever etched in your memory. Why not get up before the sun and enjoy the luxury of a magnificent panoramic view from the city's cliffs - a unique moment alone living life to the full. You can then have the rest of the day to enjoy the beaches, visit the lighthouses and religious buildings or storm the citadel.

Falaises_Bonifacio.jpg?1560868508Cliffs, Bonifacio

91- Let yourself be carried away by the gentle life on the Cap Corse peninsula

Cap Corse is Corsica - also known as the Île de Beauté, or Isle of Beauty - in a nutshell, and enthrals visitors with its landscapes between sea and maquis, where the vegetation blends in with the blue-green of the sea. An exceptional wilderness, which can evoke a number of emotions: from the intensity of hiking along the coastal path, to lobster tasting with local fishermen, followed by the return to total calm during a stroll by the sea.

92- Sip a tropical cocktail in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe, an archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, made up of seven islands and overlooked by the Soufrière volcano, offers you a tasty tropical cocktail. Take a nap in the shade of the coconut trees, swim in coves filled with turquoise waters bordered by mangroves or go diving to observe extraordinary fish. From Saintes to Marie-Galante via Désirade, get ready for a complete change of scenery!

93- Arrange a bouquet of souvenirs on the Isle of Flowers


A true paradise on earth, with its idyllic beaches, coconut palms, turquoise lagoons, hibiscuses, jacarandas and orchids, Martinique's charm lies in its landscapes between sea and volcano. In contrast, it reveals a dense tropical forest to the north, while the south is more arid and drier, with vast expanses of white sand dotted with palm trees. A little piece of the Caribbean that will stay in your heart forever.

94- Play at being explorers in the French Amazon

A small piece of France lost in South America, French Guiana has been influenced in many different ways. Here, Native Americans, Bushinengues and Hmong people are among the dozens of ethnic groups that live together in perfect harmony. A blend that's mirrored in the mosaic of Guyanese quirkiness: state-of-the-art space centres, equatorial forest home to exceptional fauna and flora and impressive historical remains. From the turtles of Remire-Montjoly to the Creole houses of Cayenne and Kourou, you can discover the many faces of French Guiana.

95- Swim with dolphins in Réunion


In the heart of the Indian Ocean, Réunion can offer you a wealth of experiences. Immerse yourself in nature by exploring the Piton des Neiges, with its cirques and the savannah, take a cruise and discover the Maloya, the musical soul of the island, experience the thrill of visiting the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, and finally be moved by the dolphins and whales, who regularly perform their magical ballet.

96- Rub shoulders with the stars in Saint-Barth

Very popular with the world's biggest names, the island paradise of Saint-Barthélemy is a small piece of France, located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Relatively well protected from mass tourism, you can enjoy a stopover in a dream setting, composed of idyllic beaches and luxury accommodation.

97- Draw energy from Mana in Tahiti

Mana is the spiritual force that soars above Tahiti and its islands, also known as French Polynesia. After becoming totally invigorated you can then choose one of the many activities that this small earthly paradise has to offer: relaxation in a water bungalow, diving to discover the impressive marine fauna, canoeing, paddleboarding or even paragliding over the lagoons.


98- Meet the seals in Saint-Pierre and Miquelonn

Located to the southnof the Canadian island of Newfoundland, discover the archipelago's twonexceptional islands. The first is Saint-Pierre, with its lively port city, butnthere is also Île-aux-Marins, where time seems to have stopped almost a centurynago. Then we have Miquelon, the perfect spot to contemplate nature, with its slopingnlandscapes between beaches, hills and ponds populated by seal colonies.

99- Stay in a village in Mayotte, preservednfrom the modern day

Unique, surprisingnand still relatively unknown, Mayotte - an archipelago in the Indian Ocean - isncaptivating with its double coral reef, impressive biodiversity and landscapesnshaped by volcanoes. The people of Mayotte are extremely hospitable and willnintroduce you to their traditions out in the bush in huts made from corrugatedniron or cob. A timeless experience, coloured by folk songs, women's glisteningnlambas outfits and the flavours of a blended cuisine.

100- Swim with turtles and manta rays in NewnCaledonia

Lost in the middlenof the Pacific, New Caledonia will make all your dreams of escape come true.nFrom the main island of Grande Terre and its colourful landscapes, to thenislands of the archipelago - extremely welcoming with their stunning beaches -nto Nouméa, the capital where museums, art galleries and colonial period housesnabound, these shared lands promise you an exotic and authentic adventure.


This is where we end our flight over France and its overseas territories. These extremely diverse destinations showcase many events, some relatively off the beaten track while others are so well-known across the world they will make your stay even more unforgettable.

Mix with the carnival crowds in Nice and Dunkirk, dance and sing during the music festival, cycle the roads of the Tour de France, or find your inner child in the alleyways of Strasbourg's Christmas market. As Saint Augustine said, "The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page".

For a better take-off, we invite you to read this article which will help you decide on your ideal weekend in France. There's enough here to build your own tour of France or enjoy getaways throughout the year. Because don't forget, travelling is a pleasure best enjoyed in three stages - waiting, wondering and remembering. Prepare well and enjoy complete pleasure along the sweet paths of France!

[1] Claude Monet in 1895