Top Cities in Ghana

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Pocket Guide: Ghana

Welcome to Ghana

As a destination for travellers, Ghana has something for everyone. From vibrant cities to historical castles, palaces and forts, a wealth of cultural attractions as well as areas of striking natural beauty, a trip to Ghana is sure to appeal whatever your interests.

The capital city of Accra is the starting point for many, but beyond this intense and vibrant place, there is so much more to explore. It is no wonder that Ghana is so popular worldwide as a place to visit.

History and Culture in Ghana

As the capital city, Accra is a lively place and one of the best introductions to Ghanaian culture and nightlife. Give the local culinary specialties a try either in the restaurants of Oxford Street or at the Makola Market.

Accra is also home to some important cultural sites. Pay a visit to the National Museum, where the permanent exhibition tells the story of Ghana through its collection of exhibits and artefacts.

For more history of Ghana, the forts and castles stretched out along the coast are a reminder of European colonial rule and the impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Many of the forts and castles are preserved as sites of historical significance, with the castles at Cape Coast, Fort Metal Cross and Elmina some of the most popular for visitors.

Head out to explore the country and you’ll visit traditional communities where local arts or crafts keep the village afloat. The craft villages of Ashanti, in the area around Kumasi, are particularly worth a visit.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Ghana

Lake Volta might be the largest man-made lake in the world, but the hills and forests around it make it a spectacular landscape. Hire a boat or strike out along one of the many hiking trails to see it at its best.

See more of Ghana’s wildlife at the Aburi Botanical Gardens, the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary and Mole National Park. In the Northern region near the town of Larabanga, the Mole National Park is home to all sorts of mammals, birds and reptiles, but some of the highlights are the elephants, antelopes, monkey, lions, leopards and buffalo. Arrange a guided tour to help you make the most of your visit to the park.

Book a Hotel in Ghana

With such a wealth of things to do in Ghana, it is important to choose your hotel in Ghana carefully. If you want to stay in a city, look for hotels in Accra, which range from four- and five-star luxury spa resorts on the coast to one- and two-star hotels near the airport.

You might prefer to stay in resort hotels hidden away in the countryside, so look in Mole or Digya National Parks or Gbele Game Reserve. There’s also a good selection of hotels around the city of Kumasi and the vast man-made Lake Volta.

But wherever you stay, you’ll make memories in Ghana that will last a life.