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    The Canaries' second-largest island, Fuerteventura, has several different stories behind its elegant name, from the French for 'grand adventure' to the Spanish meaning 'good fortune' or even 'strong winds'. For those who head to the island, all of these might seem equally apt, as the four-hour flight from the UK is just the first step on an adventure that will leave all comers feeling fortunate, not least those who are able to take advantage of the strong winds to partake in kite surfing or windsurfing off the island's coast.

    Fuerteventura's fortunate beaches

    At only about 60 miles from Morocco, Fuerteventura benefits from its location thanks to the moderating effects of the surrounding ocean on its year-round temperature, but also due to the sand brought across the water from the Sahara Desert. This has been deposited on the island's coastline for millennia, leading to the glistening diamond-white beaches that continue to attract tourists all year round, more than half a century since the Canaries became popular among European holidaymakers.

    The holiday hotspot of Fuerteventura

    You might think the Canary Hotspot is a local tourist bar or other attraction, but it actually refers to the volcanic activity that led to the formation of the islands, beginning almost as long ago as the dinosaurs went extinct. Fuerteventura was the first island to form from the magma pluming up from the ocean floor, and ultimately became the second-largest in the archipelago, but that may still change. Recent activity close to the Canarian island of El HieRo has seen magma emerge from a new fissure, and this could eventually add to the size of the surrounding islands, or even create a new one entirely.

    When should I visit Fuerteventura?

    On a rock often referred to as the Island of Eternal Spring, you might not be surprised to learn that there are no extremely cold temperatures, with the winter months ranging between 15°C and highs of 22°C. In the summer this rises to 20-28°C, but the overall seasonal range is reduced thanks to the surrounding ocean, and this impacts the wind currents too to keep the hottest Saharan air away from the island. In the rare event that wind from the Saharan Desert makes it to Fuerteventura, it is known as the Calima, and this hot dry air current brings clouds of sand and a temperature rise of up to 10°C with it.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays in Fuerteventura are about doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. If you want to sip sangria while the sun sets on a pristine beach, your luxury hotel will arrange it, and if you want a room right by the swimming pool, they’ll make that happen, too. You will be provided with everything you need to have a truly memorable experience, which is why parting with a little extra cash for a luxury package is well worthwhile. Fuerteventura offers the sophisticated, attentive level of service you would expect from a luxury holiday, and while you won’t be anywhere near a ski-slope, you will have some of the Canary Islands' most spectacular scenery to explore, fabulous food, great entertainment, and that warm, friendly welcome Fuerteventura is renowned for.

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