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    Italy is a country rich in history, and the footprints of the former Roman Empire are visible throughout its mainland and on many of the nearby islands. This is perhaps most visible in Rome itself, with iconic structures such as the Coliseum, but throughout the Western world the empire's legacy lives on in the civilised approach to law, transportation and government. Italy was also the birthplace of the Renaissance, and the 14th-17th centuries were a time not only of great artistic creativity, but also of scientific exploration in the area, laying much of the groundwork for the modern day arts and sciences.

    Italy's industry

    Italy is one of the great commercial nations of the world, and it is this that attracts many people to visit the country, to browse its fashion boutiques or head to the homes of some of its most famous motoring brands. Much of this industry is based in the northern parts of the country, while the southern portion of Italy's 'boot' and its surrounding islands are frequently used more as a place of retreat than for a city break. Tuscany, in the north-west of the country's central portion, is particularly appreciated for its rolling landscape, vineyards and picturesque scenery, and is well placed for excursions to Turin, Milan and Rome alike.

    Italy's altitude

    The northernmost part of Italy wears the Alps like a crown, a crescent-shaped ridge of peaks averaging 2,500m in height. Mont Blanc, the highest of the Alps and Europe's highest peak other than the Caucasus Mountains, is found on the border between Italy and France, and the Italian town of Courmayeur shares responsibility for the mountain itself.

    When should I visit Italy?

    Much of Italy has a Mediterranean coastal climate, with top temperatures up to 30°C in July and August, and a mean temperature ranging from 8-9°C in winter up to 23-24°C in the summer months. Rainfall is highest in winter and lowest in the warmest months, making July the best time for a hot, dry, sunny break. Cycling enthusiasts may wish to take their trip a little earlier in the year, as visiting Italy in May should enable you to watch a stage of the Giro d'Italia, the country's equivalent to the Tour de France and, along with the Vuelta a Espana, one of the three Grand Tours on the European cycling calendar.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays allow you to spend quality time in one or multiple destinations. If you want to hop from city to city and stay in the best hotels, you can. If you’re dreaming about relaxed morning coffees and laid-back café culture, you’ll love it here. With a luxury holiday there’s no need to enjoy anything but pure luxury. That’s why it’s wise to spend a little extra for a holiday that’s truly you. Italy offers up some of the most beautiful cities and towns in the world. This makes luxury holidays in Italy easy to come by – with art, fashion, amazing landscapes and fantastic food all in abundance.

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7 nights from £2876/pp + 21.01 EUR due at hotel Including taxes and fees
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