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    From the bucolic vineyards of Tuscany to the hedonistic island of Capri, luxury holidays in Italy are the crème de la crème (or il meglio del meglio) of Europe.

    Where to stay in Italy

    For Italy’s most iconic historical landmarks, one need only look as far as Rome. Here you’ll find the world-famous Pantheon, one of the best preserved Ancient Roman monuments in Italy.

    Once you have finished fawning over the structure Michelangelo once described as the work of angels, you should make a beeline for Rome’s magnum opus: the Colosseum. This ancient amphitheatre, once used to house gladiatorial battles, public spectacles and performances, is one of few existing structures to perfectly depict the brazenness of the Roman Empire in c. 100 BC.

    If you’re eager to unpick Italy’s rich artistic past on your luxury Italy holiday, then you’ll want to head to Florence. This is where Florence Cathedral, one of the original buildings of the Renaissance period, looms over the city centre with its elegant Giotto tower and imposing Gothic facade.

    Shopping in Italy

    Would it really be a luxury holiday in Italy without taking in the fashion for which the country is so renowned? We think not.

    Milan, one of the fiercest and forward-thinking fashion capitals of the world, does more than just house high-quality designers – it creates them. Fashion houses, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, first began life as minor outlets on Milan’s high streets, yet today are some of the biggest global brands in the world. On the prestigious high street of Via Monte Napoleone, you’ll find international designers rubbing shoulders with other home-grown Italian brands, such as Valentino and Gucci.

    Activities in Italy

    If you choose to travel further into the ‘boot’ portion of Italy, you’ll find yourself trading bustling city centres for peaceful retreats. The Amalfi Coast, and, in particular, Positano, is one of Italy’s most beautiful bolt-holes. Renowned for its precipitous patchwork of pastel-coloured houses and slaloming streets, a trip to Positano feels like stepping into a postcard. It’s no wonder, then, that John Steinbeck referred to this little gem as “a dream place” which “isn’t quite real when you are there”.

    Travel norths towards the Alps, however, and you’ll find yourself in a whole new world. Immersed in snow, rather than sand, this is an ideal place if you want an action-packed luxury holiday in Italy.

    Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps and most prolific massif in Italy, is found on the Italian border and should feature on any luxury Italy holiday. This stunning glacial landmark is home to some of Italy’s finest ski resorts, with many offering ski-in ski-out lodges.

    When should I visit Italy?

    Much of Italy has a Mediterranean coastal climate, with top temperatures up to 30°C in July and August, and a mean temperature ranging from 8-9°C in winter up to 23-24°C in the summer months. Rainfall is highest in winter and lowest in the warmest months, making July the best time for a hot, dry, sunny break. Cycling enthusiasts may wish to take their trip a little earlier in the year, as visiting Italy in May should enable you to watch a stage of the Giro d'Italia, the country's equivalent to the Tour de France and, along with the Vuelta a Espana, one of the three Grand Tours on the European cycling calendar.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays allow you to spend quality time in one or multiple destinations. If you want to hop from city to city and stay in the best hotels, you can. If you’re dreaming about relaxed morning coffees and laid-back café culture, you’ll love it here. With a luxury holiday there’s no need to enjoy anything but pure luxury. That’s why it’s wise to spend a little extra for a holiday that’s truly you. Italy offers up some of the most beautiful cities and towns in the world. This makes luxury holidays in Italy easy to come by – with art, fashion, amazing landscapes and fantastic food all in abundance.

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