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Introduction to Gambia

Gambia might be one of the smallest countries in West Africa, but it has one of the biggest personalities! Gambia holidays could see you basking on a beautiful, sun-bleached beach, or even getting to grips with the ancient art of haggling at a local market.

Gambia boasts some of the most mouth-watering food in the world, too. From meat stews to boiled fish dishes, the country’s local produce is both eclectic and unique.

Best Places to Visit

The beaches in Gambia are spectacular. White-sanded, palm-fringed and lapped by crystal-clear waters, they are surprisingly secluded. Sanyang Beach stands out among the best: the palms are strung with hammocks and there is a solitary beach bar to slake your thirst. If you are looking for the fastest way to slow down, this beach ought to be the first place you visit on package holidays to Gambia.

For some hustle and bustle, head over to the country’s capital, Banjul. Peppered with colonial architecture and busy markets, Banjul is a fascinating experience. One of the best experiences can be had at the National Museum: a cultural hub home to historical documents and displays concerning the history of Gambia. Amble the city’s streets and you will hear a melody of different languages ringing out: from Wolof and Fula to Mandinka and Serer. Banjul is a vibrant melting-pot that is well worth exploring.

Top Attractions

The country is well known for its diverse wildlife. Head to Makasutu Forest on Gambia package holidays and you can hire a guided canoe to see bee-eater birds, herons, cormorants and more, all living wild in their native habitat. Famously, the forest is home to a large troupe of baboons who, contrary to popular belief, can be very friendly. The Kiang West National Park and Bolong Wetland Reserve make for great a day out, where leopards, hippos, hyenas and monkeys can be found.

Alternatively, the Kachikally Museum Crocodile Pool is the place to test your nerve with the reptiles that have made it their home. The crocs are extremely placid and will even allow visitors to stroke them – if you dare!

Entertainment in Gambia

You can book your holidays to Gambia at almost any time of year and expect to experience the sights and sounds of a national holiday. Similarly, beach parties are an almost-nightly experience, with the strains of traditional music floating into the night. If you are holidaying by a beach, you will not have far to travel to find some nightlife. Alternatively, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs on the coast and in the larger towns, where you can kick your heels up and dance the night away.

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Need to know


While English is the country’s official language, a holiday to Gambia will introduce you to a whole host of different cultures. This is perhaps best reflected in the plethora of languages that are spoken, such as Wolof, Mandingo, Serer, and Sarahole. Educated in English, most Gambians are at least bilingual.

Travel towards the border with Senegal and you will find many of the locals speaking French.


The official currency of Gambia is the Gambian dalasi, which is further divided into bututs. To get the best exchange rates, you’re best to convert your sterling before flying to Gambia.

If you run low on holiday spending money, you should have no problem finding ATMs and banks scattered throughout large cities.


If you own a British passport then you don’t need a visa to fly to Gambia, just as long as your break does not exceed one month. If you would like to extend your visit beyond this, you will need to speak to the Immigration Office in Banjul or the Tourist Police Stations, located in the Tourism Development Area.


The Gambia enjoys some of the best weather in West Africa, with two distinct seasons: wet and dry.

Whatever the season, the warmth is constant, with temperatures ranging between 29°C and 34°C throughout the year. If you’re flying to Gambia with some sunbathing in mind, the dry months are between October and June. Between November and May, the rains creep in, with heavy downpours occurring most of the time.

Main Airports

Banjul International Airport deals with all international flights. From here you can take a taxi or train to your final destination.

Banjul International Airport is, by western standards, a little basic. On landing, a bus will take you to your terminal, where you can go through customs and into a waiting taxi.

There are a few duty-free shops, cafés and places to eat but, if you’ve got time to kill before your flight, you can top up your tan one last time on the airport’s sun terrace.

Flight Options

Gambia is well connected to the rest of the world by air. There are direct flights to Gambia from some of the UK’s major airports and a typical journey takes around six hours. If you opt for a flight with stopovers, this can take longer. To be absolutely sure of your travel-time, contact your chosen airline.

Other Advice

Banjul International Airport is located on the outskirts of Banjul and it takes around 40 minutes to get to the city centre by car. There are always plenty of taxis at the airport, as well as a few car hire companies, should you want to get there under your own steam. However, if this is your first holiday in Gambia, it might be better to take a taxi or hire a car with a driver for the week, as Gambian roads can be a little chaotic.


The Gambian equivalent of a bus is the ‘bush taxi’, or ‘gelli gelli’. These are minibuses that drive along set routes, dropping off and picking up passengers as they go.

Bush taxis are often very busy and payment is made as you embark. Be prepared for a long journey; Gambian roads are poorly maintained and very conjested. In addition, be sure to take some water with you and wear light clothes, as air-conditioned bush taxis are few and far between.


There are plenty of taxis in Gambia, but they range in style and quality. The first you will notice on your holiday in Gambia are the yellow taxis. These operate along set routes and pick up and drop off passengers along the way, so you might find yourself sharing a cab with a changing number of people as part of your journey – a great way to dive head-first into the local culture!

However, it is possible to hire a taxi privately, ensuring that the car goes where you want it to and without extra passengers. Be prepared to haggle over the price, as haggling is something of a national pastime in Gambia!


There are no trams in Gambia.

Rail Services

There are no rail services in Gambia.



  1. ‘Borreh’ is the Gambia’s national sport, and is a wrestling form similar to that of Greco-Roman times.<p>The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa.
  2. The Gambia’s main exports are peanuts, fish and cotton.
  3. Domoda is the national dish.


  1. ‘Borreh’ is the Gambia’s national sport, and is a wrestling form similar to that of Greco-Roman times.<p>The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa.
  2. The Gambia’s main exports are peanuts, fish and cotton.
  3. Domoda is the national dish.

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