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    It's impossible to think of Italy's islands and mainland cities without its history coming to mind, and with more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this association is richly deserved. But modern-day Italy has plenty to offer in its own right, from the fashion capitals to the world-leading automotive brands. The beautiful extreme north of the country that holds the Italian Alps, offers a very different side of Italy, making it a world-class winter sports destination for adrenaline-junkies. All-inclusive Italy holidays or package holidays are there to suit all tastes, from amateur archaeologists to fashionistas, and skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts as well.

    Italy on the piste

    The Italian Alps offer a huge selection of ski resorts, many of which can be visited on all-inclusive Italian holidays that will not only allow access to the surrounding pistes, but may also incorporate apres ski hospitality in the ticket price too. Mont Blanc is probably the most famous landmark in the Alps, and is often said to be Europe's highest peak, depending on where you draw the border with Asia in the Caucasus mountain range. The Italian side of Mont Blanc is close to the town of Courmayeur, a popular holiday destination, and this shares responsibility for the mountain with France.

    South to Italy's boot

    As you move south from the Alps, you soon reach the part of Italy that is effectively one very large peninsula, the infamously boot-shaped Apennine. Here you will find some of the country's largest cities, including Florence, Naples and Rome, in the central part of the 'boot'. Just south of Naples is the archaeological site of Pompeii, while the islands of Sicily (just off the 'toe' of Italy) and Sardinia further to the west are also much-loved by many holidaymakers.

    What does Italy have to offer all inclusive?

    All-inclusive cheap holidays in Italy are a fantastic way to explore any part of this diverse country, with its many sites of historical significance and natural beauty. You'll get accommodation, food and drink as standard, and you might also gain access to other facilities in your hotel at no extra cost, or excursions into the surrounding area. In the Alps, look out for all-inclusive ski holidays, as these may cover anything from your ski pass to get on to the slopes, to equipment hire - check the description of the package for full details.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Italy?

    One of the most visited countries in the world, and for good reason, Italy is the place to discover ancient civilisations, renaissance art and stunning medieval hilltop villages. With so much to see and do on your trip, make it that bit more convenient and special with an all-inclusive break. Whether you’re visiting one of historic cities or sunbathing on the coast, with all your food and drink taken care of, you’re free to completely relax on all-inclusive holidays in Italy.


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