Reviews from verified customers

Mar 22, 2020

I could not connect to WiFi the whole journey

Mar 16, 2020

Absolutely amazing service, from check in to boarding, service on the flight - everything! Delighted with an amazing service from Lufthansa. They have never let me or my family down in 30 years and cannot praise highly enough.

Mar 15, 2020


Mar 14, 2020

I am concerned that during the safety announcement that the sound was either drowned out by plane noise or people talking. Also people were not even trying to listen or bother looking at the safety brochures. There does not seem to be any emphasis on making sure passengers understand the need of immediately vacating the plane and how to open the doors and how to use the life rafts if an accident occurs and what to do in an emergency. I think I missed seeing something on the plane screen during meals etc. Used to enjoy the funny nonverbal short skits. It might be something to look into to provide small disinfecting wipes on the meal trays and mention to staff to explain use of them.

Mar 12, 2020

Very pleasant flight.

Mar 11, 2020

Great flight with Virgin Atlantic. Top class

Mar 9, 2020

Quick easy and on time

Mar 9, 2020

Service was great.

Mar 7, 2020

Jet 2 is my preferred airline. Well done Jet 2

Mar 5, 2020

Men behind us were quite loud and chatty

Mar 4, 2020

Wheel broken off suitcase between baggage drop and baggage reclaim

Mar 4, 2020

Smooth boarding, professional staff with excellent customer service skills. A number one fan of you. Thanks.

Flights from Salford: Essential Travel Information

Cheapest flight from Salford (roundtrip)
Best airlines to fly from Salford
Cheapest month to fly from Salford
Salford IATA codeMAN
Salford Country/StateEngland
Airline ticket deals from Salford -


How to Find Cheap Flights from Salford

How much is a flight from Salford?       

This week, flights from Salford are available between –. 

How to find cheap flights from Salford?

Expedia makes it easy to compare cheap flights from Salford to many destinations. Check out excellent deals on both domestic and international flights from Salford. Once you select an offer, use our filters and sort by “Price (Lowest)” to see the cheapest and most suitable options. 

How can I get the best deal on flights from Salford?

Expedia gives you access to all the hottest deals on plane tickets so you can get the most amount of value for the lowest price possible. An excellent strategy for finding the best deal on flights is to be flexible with your dates. For each offer, you can compare prices for similar time frames using our “Show flexible dates” feature. Depending on your destination, direct flights from Salford may be more expensive. Airlines with strict bag policies or fees can also impact your costs. 

What is the best airline to fly from Salford?

At Expedia, we give you all the available options from our reputable partners. Select the airline that best suits your preferences and membership loyalties. You can fly from Salford with: . 

What is the best month to fly from Salford?

Prices on plane tickets vary considerably throughout the year due to seasonal demand. Historically, the cheapest time to buy flights from Salford airport(s) is . 

When is the best time to book flights from Salford?

ARC & Expedia Group historical data suggests that booking flights three weeks before departure and on a weekend, usually on a Sunday, can save you up to 20% on your fare. *

Are there any last-minute flights from Salford?

Expedia is the place to find last-minute flights from Salford, making it easy for you to compare prices on flights in the near future for different combinations of travel dates and from multiple airlines. We source the best deals for you and display the best offers available over the next two weeks. 

Why book with Expedia?

Booking flights from Salford with Expedia is the obvious choice to get low prices, save money and see more value for every pound spent. We show you the best deals happening right now and provide a vast inventory of airlines and flight routes to choose from. You can customise your journey to your timeline, route preferences, budget, rewards programmes and more. Not only will you get a stellar deal, but you’ll also get rewards points back and the opportunity for additional discounts when bundling with a hotel or car hire.

Can I change/cancel my flight? 

Some flights can be changed or cancelled, but fees and refunds will depend on the unique terms of your flight agreement. Airlines have different rules and restrictions for exchanging or refunding flights. For more information, go to your itinerary or visit our customer service portal. We recommend choosing flights with no change fees for maximum flexibility. Filter by “Flexible change policies” to see flights with no change fees.

*Data specialists from both ARC and Expedia Group analyzed ARC’s global flight data to distill actionable information to help people save money on travel. While it’s impossible to guarantee when to find the lowest prices, after examining the variables, we were able to observe trends. Best day of the week to book and travel recommendation is based on average round-trip ticket prices for January through early October, for both 2019 and 2020, sourced from ARC’s global airline sales database..