The world is an incredible place, with diversity of wildlife and beautiful scenery for travellers to enjoy. And what better way to do so than on a holiday exploring one of the world's best nature reserves!

There were many we could have chosen - from mountains to seas, to jungles and deserts - but here is our selection of the best nature reserves around the world.


Chobe National Park, Botswana

When it comes to elephants, there are few better places in the world to spot them than Chobe National Park in Botswana. The reserve is home to about 120,000 of these incredible creatures so your chances of seeing them are excellent at any time of year.

Visitors have the choice of taking safari game drives and river cruises where you can also spot cape buffalo, crocodiles, lions, wild dogs, and even the elusive leopard. If you're lucky, you may even be able to spot animals from your own room.

There are lots of excellent accommodation options in Chobe and the nearby town of Kasane, as well as Livingstone in Zambia and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe which lie just across the border and only a short drive away.

Great_Barrier_Reef.jpg?1554574446Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Lying off the coast of Queensland, Australia lies the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef on the planet. This colourful, magical, and delicate underwater world supports a large variety of marine life including some now endangered species; it is known for being one of the most important nature reserves on earth. Visitors can spot various sharks, turtles, starfish, dolphins, whales, saltwater crocodiles, fish, and even dugongs. The best time for a holiday to the Great Barrier Reef is from June to October when conditions are at their peak.

Chiang_Mai_Elephant_Park.jpg?1554593788Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

In northern Thailand, close to the city of Chiang Mai, you'll find the [Elephant Nature Park](, an important conservation and rehabilitation centre for rescued elephants, as well as buffalos, dogs, cats, birds and a number of other animals.
Arriving at the centre you will learn about their vital work and hear the elephant's individual stories of how they came to live at the reserve and see how they are flourishing... a far cry from the abuse of their early lives.

Holidaymakers can volunteer at the site or simply visit for the day and you will have the chance to feed the elephants during your visit.

Chiang Mai is a jumping off point for jungle treks in northern Thailand, so be sure to add it to your Thailand itinerary.

Torres_del_Paine.jpg?1554573890Torres del Paine, Chile

There are few places on earth more spectacular than Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Named as the eighth natural wonder of the world, the area has recently been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The park is home to mountains, lakes and forests which contain an abundance of wildlife including pumas, foxes, and guanacos, as well as many bird species. Popular activities include hiking, horse riding, biking, and kayaking.

A holiday to Torres del Paine will keep even the most adventurous souls happy!

Yellowstone_National_Park.jpg?1554593970Yellowstone National Park, United States of America

Situated in the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is a true wonder, famous for its geothermal activity and rugged, natural beauty.

The park is a nature reserve that packs a punch, with some of the best wildlife viewing in all of North America. If you're lucky, you may see bison, wolves, elks and the most well-known of all the Yellowstone animals, the grizzly bear.

As well as animal viewings, visitors can learn about the volcanic activity or take part in one of the many outdoor activities on offer. A Yellowstone National Park holiday is one that the whole family will enjoy!

Serengeti_National_Park.jpg?1554573855Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

When you think of nature and animals, one destination in Africa stands out above all the rest - the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Occupying the same eco-system as the Masai Mara, the Serengeti is where you will find the annual wildebeest migration, one of the greatest natural phenomenons on earth. Watching the animals in their daily struggle for survival is a humbling experience and there is no better demonstration of the power and fragility of nature than here.

At the end of the day, you can retire back to the comfort of your safari lodge to swap tales around the campfire and with plenty of Serengeti hotels to choose from, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice.

Combine your stay in the Serengeti with some of the other national parks in Tanzania or head over to the island of Zanzibar to soak up the Swahili culture and explore the beautiful beaches.


The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Known for being the place where Charles Darwin first came up with his theories of evolution and natural selection, the Galapagos Islands National Park is a place of great significance within the natural world.

As well as being extremely beautiful, the islands are teeming with wildlife both in and out of the water and are heavily protected. Species you may come across include tortoises, iguanas, penguins, sea lions, turtles, and the blue-footed booby.

Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers will be in absolute heaven to see many of the unique animals in their natural habitat at arelatively close range, as many of the animals have never developed a fear of humans.

Deciding on your next holiday is always a difficult decision, with so much to see and do and so many different countries and continents to explore. However, we hope that our list of the best nature reserves around the world has given you a little bit of inspiration.

Go and explore our wonderful planet, the world is waiting...

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Which nature reserves around the world would you add to the list?