Some people like to shop for souvenirs, keepsakes that will remind them of their holiday. Others like to treat themselves to things they can't get back home, from local art to unique haute couture. Whatever you're into, whatever your reasons for shopping when away, we're here to help you find more of what you're into - and help you discover new things too.

Antique shopping? Check. Fashion recommendations? Check. Best places to go for shopping in a city? Check. On this page you'll discover a whole host of shopping travel ideas that will help you come back with the perfect reminder of your holiday, as well as a suitcase packed with gifts that will put a smile on your face or that of a loved one.

So, if high-end fashion and big-name designers are your thing then we've got you covered, from Paris to Milan and London to New York. We'll also help you find the inside track with our guides to vintage shopping in Berlin, bargain-hunting in Rome and the atmospheric and fascinating souks of Marrakech. Please have a scroll and be inspired - there's something for everyone, for all interests and all budgets. And do come back. We're always discovering new shopping experiences and putting together new guides to help make your trip all the more sweeter.

If you want to combine shopping with other cultural activities and urban attractions, check our city break section. Or, if you'd like to know what and where to eat and drink after a long day of retail therapy, browse our articles on food and wine.

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