Fairytale old town neighbourhoods made up of cobbled streets and leafy squares. Sunset walks along the river. Twilight drinks in a bar by the beach. Candlelit dinners in cosy neighbourhood restaurants. At times it can seem as though holidays were made entirely for loved up couples.

If indeed you're looking to go away for Valentine's Day, your honeymoon or your anniversary, or you're simply planning a surprise city break for your other half, we have plenty of great ideas and suggestions on where to go and what to do. This includes recommendations on romantic places to visit in the UK and suggestions on the best holiday destinations for couples around the world.

Find out through our guides about the finest destinations to travel to, all geared towards your shared interests, from beach holidays to cultural attractions. Discover articles that highlight the many city breaks out there that are perfect for couples - and, in turn, find yourself transported to the canals of Amsterdam or the atmospheric streets of Prague. And check out our handy travel tips, from how to book the most romantic hotel room to how to plan activities that are guaranteed to charm. Everything you need for a romantic holiday, you are sure to find right here.

If you're planning a surprise trip for one of the most romantic days of the year, check out our Valentine's Day section. Or, if there are wedding bells in the air, browse our articles on honeymoon trips.

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