Wherever you're going next, it's easy to find articles on the must-see places and must-do activities that are part of every travel guide. But you can also discover hidden treasures wherever you travel.

Knowing these secret, hidden places will give your journey that unique feeling of discovering places only those in the know can find. We asked our travel experts with a passion for finding these places to share them in the articles on this page.

Even in cities you thought you knew inside out, wherever they may be in the world, there are many secret places to discover. Paris is one such destination, with its world-famous museums like the Louvre. But insiders also know that there are many hidden museums that are not well known by the general public. And what about New York's hidden bars? A product of the Prohibition era a century ago, when it was forbidden to consume alcohol. There are still many secret bars where you can go for a drink today. Browse through all the articles on this page to really be in the know and discover many more hidden treasures from around the world.

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