Las Vegas exists for entertainment. But despite the Sin City tag, there are actually masses of attractions worth visiting here that fall between the seedy and the family-friendly (you might be surprised at the number of families that holiday in Vegas). This is a place where you can be married by Elvis, glide through artificial canals in a Venetian gondola and win big at a casino (or at least roll the dice). Here are our top Las Vegas attractions for adults.


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The Strip

The neon-lit strip is an iconic Vegas attraction. The four-mile-long boulevard shows the city in all its gaudy glory, with huge resorts and hotels next to shops and restaurants. Look out for the glowing "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign then stop with the crowd for the fountain show in front of the Bellagio hotel.

The pedestrian-friendly strip is easy to navigate but a map will help pinpoint the better-known sights. These include the Luxor Hotel's own pyramids, Paris Las Vegas's Eiffel Tower and The Venetian's Venice-like canals, where you can stop for a surreal gondola ride.


Famous Casinos

Well, obviously. Gambling is synonymous with the city and the casinos are undoubtedly the biggest part of the adult playground that is Las Vegas.

Landmark casinos include Caesars Palace, where you bet in surrounds based on ancient Rome, and MGM Grand, which has an adult arcade and virtual reality games. At the Bellagio, there's a high-roller room where you can see the pros staking millions. If you find yourself on a lucky run, remember that Vegas saying: the house always wins.

Mob Museum

All that sinning made Vegas a magnet for the mob, and the Mob Museum tells the story of organised crime in the city and globally. Housed in a former courthouse, the museum has four floors of exhibits tracing the birth of the mob in America in the early 1900s to global criminal gangs today.

The most recent museum additions are a firearm training simulator, which promises to put you "in the shoes of law enforcement" and a crime lab experience. In the basement, the Underground is a walk through the Prohibition era of the 1920s, including a speakeasy and distillery.

The Star-Strewn Entertainment Scene

Vegas likes to call itself 'the entertainment capital of the world' and its stunning shows are one of the reasons. Megastar residencies are a staple, and these you can see a lot of very current acts alongside those cashing in on their back catalogues.

Even if pop isn't your thing, you'll likely find something that is. Stage shows feature everything from magicians and comedians to Cirque du Soleil and, musicals such as, erm, Zombie Burlesque. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Whatever you choose, expect elaborate props and costumes and a memorable night.


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Nightclubs and Pool Parties

As anyone who's seen The Hangover knows, Las Vegas nightlife is legendary. Virtually every resort has a nightclub so the competition is fierce to provide an unforgettable evening. Generally that means that each club goes big on a particular identity, whether that's opulence at Omnia, exclusivity at Hakkasan or the dancey Sin City feel of the LIGHT.

The partying doesn't have to stop when the sun comes up. Vegas has a host of dayclubs, usually based around a terrace and swimming pool, where the dress code is skimpier but the alcohol and tunes keep flowing. Probably best avoided if you're not into crowds.

Dig This Vegas: A Theme Park with a Difference

Dig This Vegas is another attraction that's very, well, Vegas. The "world's first heavy equipment playground" gives you the chance to operate diggers and bulldozers in a giant sandpit. An experienced instructor will get you up to speed and once behind the controls you can build giant mounds of sand, dig trenches or stack tyres.

If you get hang of it, you can try a game of excavator basketball. It's as ridiculous - and fun - as it sounds. The venue also has an 'aggression session' for those who wish to release anger by destroying and crushing a car in exchange for several hundred dollars. Like we said: very Vegas.


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The Stratosphere: Rides and Views

The Stratosphere is a hotel and casino complex with the tallest building in Nevada. From the top of the Stratosphere Tower, 1,149ft above the ground, an observation deck gives 360-degree views of the shimmering city lights.

If you fancy a bigger thrill, three rides are near the top of the tower. Their names - Big Shot, Insanity and X-Scream - give a decent clue as to what you can expect. There's also a SkyJump, where you can leap off the tower over the Strip and reach more than 40mph before gently landing... and breathing again.

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