Top Cities in Seychelles

Pocket Guide: Seychelles

A hotel Seychelles is most people’s idea of a tropical paradise. There are brilliant white-sand beaches fringed by palm trees and emerald waters containing rainbow-coloured marine life. This is where life really is a beach. Yet, for those who can leave all that relaxing behind for a moment, there is plenty to do and discover. Boat cruises to remote islands, deep sea fishing, a lush, verdant and mountainous interior to discover, rare birds to spot and a host of watersports to indulge in.

Best Seychelles Hotel Locations

Mahe – The most developed of the islands is also home to the majority of Seychelles hotels. Yet, even here it is still possible to discover relatively isolated beaches on the southeast coast. The Morne Seychellois National Park offers fascinating walks through coastal mangrove forests and, those who head into the interior, will find peace and quiet, and be rewarded by wonderful views, in the higher grounds of the mountains.

Praslin – Praslin feels much less busy than Mahe and its lush and tropical landscape provides the perfect backdrop to a chilled out beach holiday. If you can drag yourself away from those dream beaches for a while make sure you check out the so-called erotic nuts of the coco de mer palm. This tree only grows in the wild in the Seychelles and its phallic produce can be found in the Vallée de Mai forest reserve. You’ll still find great Seychelles hotels in Praslin.

Cousin Island – This tiny island is home to over 300,000 birds, including fairy terns, white-tailed tropicbirds and shearwaters. Explore the island to catch sight of the birds sitting on just about every available branch.

La Digue – With a hotel in La Digue you can take things slow and easy. This laid-back island is home to the world-renowned, picture-perfect beach of Anse Source d’Argent, where day trippers can make things a little hectic. Yet, there are many other fine beaches to enjoy, and you can do so in relative seclusion.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Seychelles

The white-sand beaches and blue-green hued waters are what make the Seychelles such an attractive destination – and it is truly hard to take your eyes off the palm-fringed perfection. Take a boat trip around the islands to find your ideal beach views but many say that La Digue is blessed with some of the best. There’s plenty more to see here, though. Spot the birds on Cousin Islands, take in the views from the mountains inland, admire the coastal mangrove forests, plunge under the waters to see the marine life and contain your sniggering at those erotic nuts of the coco de mer palm.

The diving and snorkelling here is hard to beat, and the colourful fish and coral under the waters are almost halucinogenically vivid. Try your hand at windsurfing or sailing to explore just how many shades of blue and green the Indian Ocean can really be. Deep sea fishing could see you reeling in giant barracuda, sailfish and marlin for your supper. Or, you can take a romantic cruise with your loved one and your dinner will be served as the sun sets over another perfect day.