Top Cities in Jordan

Pocket Guide: Jordan

Straddling the northernmost region of Arabian peninsula, Jordan is a top location to book a hotel, with a thriving economy, safe reputation and progressive attitude have secured its place as a thriving destination for westerners looking to explore Middle Eastern culture in comfort. One of the most arid countries of the Middle East, Jordan is home to the ancient city of Petra, which was carved out of sandstone millennia ago. Meanwhile, Jordan’s capital, Amman, is one of the most vibrant modern cities of the Middle East and the Red Sea resort of Aqaba on the south coast offers something completely different to Jordan’s otherwise desert-dominated landscape.

Where to Stay in Jordan

Amman — Book a Jordan hotel in one of the most liberal cities in the Middle East, Jordan’s capital Amman is popular both with tourists and expatriates alike. Blending Arabic and European culture, it is home to many contemporary museums and galleries, as well as broad range of cuisine, including everything from Arabic eateries to French bistros and Italian restaurants.

Irbid — Located in the north of Jordan, Irbid is home to four universities and a bustling youth culture, making it Jordan’s top alternative cultural capital. The city hosts the Museum of Jordanian Heritage and the Jordanian Natural History Museum. It is also the ideal place to boom a hotel for visitors to the Jordan Valley.

Dead Sea — Situated on the western border of Jordan, the Dead Sea is famed worldwide as the lowest point on dry land, as well as for the high mineral content of its waters, which allow bathers to float effortlessly on its surface. The nearby Mujib Nature Reserve is home to a range of local wildlife as well as many breeds of migratory bird. There’s so much to do when you book a hotel close to the Dead Sea.

Petra — This famous UNESCO World Heritage Site is an archaeological gem buried in the deserts of south Jordan. The city, carved entirely from of the sandstone rock face that resides here, is home to tombs and temples that date back as far as 300 BC.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Jordan

Jordan’s most famous tourist destination is undoubtedly the ancient city of Petra. To really discover this heritage site at its best, why not book a two-day Petra tour? Wander about this eerie but beautiful city of rock, with temples and tombs carved directly into the rose-coloured sandstone like something out of a strange and remarkable dream. Perhaps the most notable of the city’s sights is its old treasury, Al Khazneh, which looms in quiet glory with an ancient Greek-style facade of columns and pediments.

For the hardy of body and strong of mind, Jordan is an exciting place for a unique trekking experience or camel ride through the desert. Some adventurers even choose to go camping here, although be sure to come well prepared and consider booking a guide if you are journeying far from populated areas. Despite its arid landscape, the southern beach resort of Aqaba is also a hot spot for keen windsurfers, scuba divers and sun lovers looking to kick back on the luxury waters of the Red Sea.